Monday, November 19, 2007

Rising Divorce Rates

Was flipping through "The New Paper" today and came across an interesting article.

In 2006, divorces and annulments hit a record high of 7061 in Singapore.

20 years ago, this figure was just 2608.

Counselors say that the problem with this generation, is their mindsets.

Comments like, 'I don't like his personal habits' or 'I don't like how much he spends,' are regular reasons for breakups.

A family counselor says that "In the older days, it was more about 'family', Now, it's more about 'ME'.

Therefore when young people get married, they find it hard to adjust from 'me' to 'we'.

I guess that's why Jesus teaches that whoever wants to be first, must first be a servant. In fact, Jesus goes on to use a stronger word. He says that we must be a slave.

This means no longer living for ourselves, but living our lives for others!

Therefore, for marriages to succeed, couples need to start living for each other, rather than themselves.

On a lighter note, let me introduce you to some American culture. I stumbled upon this video about 'The Osmonds' this week.

These group of brothers were the very 1st "boy band" in the 1960s & 70s. They were very popular in America and later 2 of the siblings Donny and Marie Osmond, even had their own hit TV show.

One of their hits 'Love me for a reason' was remixed by 'Boyzone'. Check out the original in the video below (the fans haven't changed much!):

Anyway, to cut the long story short, recently their father died.

The grandchildren decided to come together and sing a tribute to Grandpa. Even for this second generation, they are really very musical, and if u luv music, u will probably like the harmonies of this song. Enjoy!


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