Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A New Milestone for a 3 year Old

3 year old Nicole has finally come of Age.

Last month, she hit a new milestone in her life!

She has finally grown tall enough to open the door by herself.

Gone are the days, where a closed door means privacy or
simply "You can't come in!", but now our little princess is empowered to open new doors with her newfound height :)

On the other hand, it also means that she is not eligible for free bus rides. With her new height, Nicole has to pay for her Bus fares!!!

It's no wonder that Singaporeans have been complaining about the present height limits. The common argument is that with better nutritional levels, children are growing taller and stronger. Hence, the bar for free rides should be raised!

Well, we will see what happens, when she takes her next bus ride!

Meanwhile, enjoy the video of our little girl, and her enthusiastic little assistant.


jiejie bear said...

nic is a big gal already!
my heart leap for joy cause i sense her unspeakable joy! =)

shachew said...

Wahhh......*clap clap8 for Nicole! :)

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