Sunday, October 26, 2008

Giving and Prospering in God

Besides the upcoming Asia Conference in Nov, all the church members are facing a very important event next week.

The first week of Nov is our Building Fund Pledging Weekend.

It is going to be a weekend of great sacrifice for our members, as everyone of us will be aiming to bring our best to the house of God - to build God a church in the marketplace, for the marketplace.

Everyone remembers Building Fund season...the songs...the lifting up of envelopes...the tears....I am sure that many of us can relate.

I guess more so, during this time of economic crisis.... friends...Christians are not immune to the economic crisis and definitely not immune to trials and tribulations.

But the Good news is this:

As we are faithful to the promises of God, and as we keep on walking in obedience:

We can expect to reap what we have sowed.

As we obey God, we can expect to prosper in God!


In fact, this Prosperity is not limited to our finances. But it applies to all areas of our life: spiritual, physical, emotional and material.

Some people cannot understand why God wants us to prosper. Here are reasons on why God wants you to prosper:

1. God wants us to prosper, so that we be a blessing to others (Deut. 8:18)
If we are in lack, we can't help the poor or the needy. As we prosper in our jobs due to our continual obedience, we can be a bigger blessing to our community and to the ministries that we are involved in.

As we prosper, It is also our duty to be financially responsible for what God gives us.

This leads us to point 2:

2. Prosperity is not an end in itself, but the result of a life dedicated to service to God.

As God blesses us, we must always remember what God teaches us: that "to whom much is given, much will be demanded" (Luke 12:48).

As we prosper, we are expected to keep on sowing!

3 John 2

2Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

It's clear that God wishes that his children prosper. When we live a life of devotion, dedication and action that corresponds with the Word of God, we will prosper.

Furthermore, the verse does not speak about  a momentary or passing phenomenon, but rather a CONTINUAL and PROGRESSIVE state of good success! This comes through continual obedience!!!

Of course, breakthroughs involve times of trials and tribulations. But I am very confident that through our continual obedience, we will end up on top of any economic situation - in our families and & in our lives!

As I have served God, I have never experienced a day of lack. So during this time of sacrifice and giving, I am looking forward to a time of even greater breakthroughs in my life.

Building Fund?!?

Here we come!!!


Caron said...


And watch the video there :)

ED said...


Hi Caron! Thank you for your input. I am aware about the other arguements against the faith movement, and of course within any school, there are certain extremes. for example, in some traditional schools, there still do not permit the use of drums & modern instruments.

I believe that it is God's will to heal, but justin left out one point in his presentation:

believers today still believe in the soverign will of God - where God ultimately decides when and who he wants to heal.

I also believe in signs and wonders which accompany the preaching of God's word. and I have also seen miracles right before my eyes and people's faith increased due to a healing crusade.

I believe that it is ok to hold differing views in this respect, as it does not affect our faith and the ultimate work of reaching the lost!

Instead balanced preaching is a key.

Mockingbird said...

It's not working Brother John. If the whole body of Christ is walking in God's superabundance. The Great Commission would have been completed much earlier. Somehow, most so called believers in Christ are not walking in God's superabundance. Majority are just average people with average incomes. Isn't this the fact and the truth?

ED said...

ED - Mockingbird.

Ah bird, thank you for your comments.

As mentioned in my post, prosperity occurs due to a process of continual obedience.

I believe the bible reminds us in Isaiah that as we are willing and obedient, we will eat the good of the land.

Obedience is therefore not a one time event, but a continual lifestyle.

Why are there more average people in society? Why does Jesus say that the rich we will have, and the poor we will have as well?

I believe that God's kingdom is a reflection of society. A lot of people hear & receive new ideas and dont do anything about it.

Similarly, lots of people hear the word of God, but not all mix the word of God with faith and follow thru with it.

If everyone of us, can follow through with God everyday, I am sure that greater favor and promotion will come our way :)

Bri said...


Wonderful blog. I believe you nailed it perfectly with what you said about God's sovereignty. He knows what's best and when's best. Sometimes that means slow movement in the church and that's not all bad.

My personal experience is that when churches grow too quickly or at the wrong time it opens opportunity for the evils in the world to come in unnoticed.

ED said...


Thanks for your feedback.

I like your comments about paranoia on your profile - it is funny :)

I guess no church is perfect, but as long as the church does not isolate itself, an opportunity for waywardness is lessened.

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