Monday, October 6, 2008

Theology - the Gnostics

Decided to blog about something different today.

Currently, I am doing research on my theology paper, and as a result, I decided to write something about it (It also helps me to think through about what I have learnt!).

Christian theology started only after the the first apostles who walked with Jesus died.

As these apostles actually walked with Jesus and dined with Him, their remembrances of Jesus' teaching and deeds were sufficient for the everyday discipleship of the church.

Hey! You won't argue with Simon Peter, when he actually knew the person Jesus?

When they died, the next generation of disciples had to think and  reflect upon Jesus' and the apostles' teachings on their own. As a result, theology was born!

After the death of the first apostles, deviant and wrong theologies also began to develop.

The 1st group of people were the Gnostics.

In Summary - The Gnostics believed that they were a special breed of people who knew more than the local bishops. They believed that they possessed a SPECIAL SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE that no one else had.

They also believed that Jesus is only a messenger who is sent from an unknown God to release our spiritual beings.


They are considered a heresy, as they do not believe that Jesus is the son of God. Furthermore, their belief about God the father is vastly different from us. The Father God which they "know", is far too holy and superior to be bothered with us.

It is interesting to note that heresies (wrong teachings) that have evolved through the ages, mainly deal with the following questions: 1. Who is the man Jesus?

2. Is Jesus God?

3. Did Jesus really exist?

4. What is Jesus like?

Kind of a natural development don't you think, considering our whole faith is based on Jesus' death and resurrection.

In fact, differences like this eventually led to the spilt in the church...which is another big topic...

Ok, better sign off, before this post gets too boring...

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Gary Quek said...

Is there going to be a part 2?

ED said...


If got people interested, then of course I will write.

Is it interesting?

Gary Quek said...

well i am waiting for the part 2...

Tham said...

Hi, you have gotten your understanding on Gnosticism quite superficial. Gnosticism in fact, is not a religion by itself. It is a collective beliefs that scholars used to describe a certain idea and schools that have emerged and died out along the early centuries before and after CE. I think you got to give a better cross reference instead of a one sided view here. But in any way, if refuting things simply as nonsense and hard falsehood is a clear stand for you, and your continuous "research" goes on... it will only lead to you finding more and more reasons to condemn gnosticism. There is more to what is understood by likes of you of gnosticism than merely referencing on words found in other "anti-heresy" texts. I suggest that you research on Gnosticism with reference to a lot more gnostics text like the Nag Hammadi Scrolls as well as the Berlin Scrolls. Do not engage yourself in a pre-conceived idea on what gnosticism is all about. In fact, studying through different scriptures that are deemed "gnostic" in source, I can clearly tell you that not all scriptures have the same accounts on events or views.


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