Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nebulizer - Medication for Babies

The NEBULIZER - My babies really hate this word and it seems to be a device that strikes fear into the hearts of little children.

What is it?!? What is a Nebulizer?!?

Wikipedia defines it as a device used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled in the lungs.

When do children use it?

When most of us just sleep off the common cold or flu, children display a very low resistence to such viruses. If not treated, a full blown cold can develop into bronchitus.

As a result, Nadine who has been plagued with the flu the last few days, has had to endure the Nebulizer the last few days.


Every 4 hours, she puts on a mask and inhales the fumes produced by the Nebulizer.

Nicole and Nathan really don't like the mask and they literally wail whenever they need to wear it.

We tried letting them watch TV as they receive their medication, but it only works for a while. Most of the time, we have to put them in a WWF bear hug, to keep them in position for the Nebulizer.

However, Nadine has really been a good girl!

She has no qualms about receiving her medicine, and it has made the job much easier!

Hopefully she gets well really quickly!!!


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