Tuesday, September 30, 2008

China Melamine Products: OREO by Kraft


These are my Favorite OREO Wafer Sticks!!!

With the China Melamine scare, everybody has been really wary of China made products.

Kraft placed a full advertisement in the newspapers last week declaring that these products were SAFE!!!

Interestingly, in the same newspapers, the government authority has pulled these Kraft products off the shelves!?!

I am a bit confused... who to believe?!?

As for me...I don't think I will be eating these Kraft products for a while. They taste great...but I think I will give them a miss for a while.

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pauldekens said...

Yes! My kids (and me too I must confess) ate a lot of those while in Vietnam in August. Suppose these may have come from China originally. Nobody seems to have had any problem with it but nonetheless. Paul

ED said...


Yes...I guess we are better safe than sorry!

Kenneth said...

Someone gave oreo cookies and the label says it is a product of indonesia, although I think it suggest that soem materials are manufactured in China. I am now faced with a dilemna to consume or not

ED said...


I think that the government in Singapore is very careful. So if they are still on sale, it should be ok.

but on the other hand...It is just 1 pack of oreos. It wouldn't hurt that much to throw it away as well!!!

Mae said...

Hey. May I know if it's ALL kraft products that cointain melamine or just the oreos?

Has anyone heard if Toblerone contains melamine. I was given a huge box and I'm hesitating to consume. But to just throw it away would seem impolite :\

ED said...


U might be glad to know that it is not all Kraft products but just OREOS!!!

No..have not heard about Toblerone. I think I just ate one 2 weeks ago!

Anyway, the Singapore papers are always saying that you need to eat really a lot, and for the rest of your life - for you to be in danger.

So, I guess - u can still consume the chocs, if u want to!

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