Tuesday, September 30, 2008

China Melamine Products: OREO by Kraft


These are my Favorite OREO Wafer Sticks!!!

With the China Melamine scare, everybody has been really wary of China made products.

Kraft placed a full advertisement in the newspapers last week declaring that these products were SAFE!!!

Interestingly, in the same newspapers, the government authority has pulled these Kraft products off the shelves!?!

I am a bit confused... who to believe?!?

As for me...I don't think I will be eating these Kraft products for a while. They taste great...but I think I will give them a miss for a while.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Children's Day at City Harvest

Today, we went for the City Harvest Children's Day service at Expo & the kids had fun!


  NathanNathan was a bit lost at first...when he saw the lights and all, but they both gradually warmed up as the program unfolded.

Nicole really liked the clowns. She laughed out loud to herself, as she saw their antics.

The funniest part of the day was when they gave out the children's church newsletter.

The graphics people in church always tell me that the adults "never read the newsletters or bulletins".

Ok...I stand guilty, I just glimpsed at the newsletter.

However, little Nicole studied all the pictures.

Suddenly, she exclaimed:

"Daddy,my picture is inside!!!"...she giggled to herself.

In fact, she laughed and smiled to herself for a good few seconds..Quite hilarious actually.

I decided to catch the moment with my blackberry.

Check out the picture:

nic & newsletter

  See the little picture she is pointing to!!!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Blackberry Bold

blackYipee!!! I just unwrapped my new Blackberry Bold! & I got some testimonies about the whole process!

I am presently nine months into my current Singtel contract, and I wasn't very sure that I could get a new Handset at a promotional price. This would mean a near $1000 price tag for the Blackberry.

The first testimony I want to share is that, Singtel were willing to just sell me the handset at $500.

Secondly, Pastor has been preaching about how the leaders in the church were communicating via Blackberry in his sermon last week.

One of my leaders, Edmund Tan, immediately felt that I should get one of these new gadgets as he heard the sermon.

What's more, during the Jurong West Service, Pst Kong was using Pst Aries' Blackberry as a physical preaching aid.

As he was preaching, he pressed the redial button and the last number dialed was mine!

He mentioned it over the pulpit, and Edmund Tan felt that it was a confirmation to what he felt ...

Today, as I received my new handset, I also received this from one of my sons :)


A Cheque of $500 dollars!

PTL! I have been blessed with a NEW Blackberry BOLD!

Yeah....I am now trying to figure out how to get my new gadget to work...:) It has been an exciting week!!!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Notebook Review - Acer, Fujitsu, Toshiba & Lenovo

I have been using my Fujitsu Notebook for 3 years already and I have been thinking of getting a new one.


During the last few years, I have tried notebooks from Acer & Fujitsu. Meanwhile my wife owns a Toshiba Notebook.

My views on these notebooks:

ACER - Don't waste your time buying one of these. The Design may be nice and in terms of budget - very affordable. But I spent a lot time at the service center in Jurong with my ACER. If you have the money, don't ever get one. I have lots of friends who have the same comments about ACER.

FUJITSU - These notebooks are definitely more pricey! They offer nice stylish designs and very pleasing to the eye. However, in the 3 years that I have owned one, I have been to the service center at least 3 times. Servicing takes about 7 working days, so be prepared to live without your PC for extended periods of time. :(

TOSHIBA - My wife has one of these. So far, it has been very stable, and it has been living up to its reputation for reliability. However, it really heats up, so this is a laptop that you wouldn't want to put on your lap.

I also talked to my IT department people, and they have been recommending me 2 brands. Some have asked me to get a DELL and others have recommended a LENOVO

Reasons for a DELL - Good on site servicing. If there are problems, the technician comes to your office to service the machine, and if faulty, they replace the machine with a brand new one.

Reasons for a LENOVO - Durable and Reliable. However, the minus points - the machine is not much of a 'looker' as it is encased in an IBM "Thinkpad" shell (to offer it protection).

I did some research on the Lenovo, and here are some interesting things I discovered:

Cool Videos right. Can you imagine it. The computer can actually survive a Car Crash!

What's more, the Lenovo Thinkpad notebooks have holes underneath the computer. This is to allow coffee that is spilled onto the keyboard, to be 'drained' from the module! :)

I think my mind is pretty made up!

Retail price on the LENOVO site is $2942.50. Check out the specifications of the X200 here.


It also comes with on site warranty as well!

What do you guys think? Should I go for it?

Still mulling over my decision for the next few days. Don't want to be too hasty in making my decisions.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tainted Milk Powder from China

The latest news report about the tainted milk powder from China is so scary....

If you don't know, infants have been dying in China, as they have been drinking milk powder containing an industrial chemical called Melamine.  The chemical increases the protein levels in products but causes side effects such as kidney stones in infants.

Well, the latest development is that it may be found in Walls ice cream products such as Magnum (Yes! You have eaten one of these before!)  & the infamous Rabbit Milk Candy (Do you remember chewing on those sweets when you were young?!?)

rabbit wrapper

What's more...the newspaper reported today that there is no China-produced infant formula or milk powder available on shelves in Singapore; however, manufacturers here do use un-branded milk powder and other dairy products made in China - In other words, there may be some products in our supermarket that is contaminated as well!!!

Aiyo...How?!? These China products are so SCARY!!! first, the Maling luncheon meat ban & now this!

Today, I bought canned mushrooms from China. I admit...I thought ..and pondered for awhile, before I placed the cans into the trolley!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Growing up with Nokia!

Thought that I will let the photos do the talking for this post.

Our Little Nicole is growing up!

They say children always mimic their parents!

This is Nicole's impression of Mummy!!! (She was really on the line talking to Popo!)


Looks like she is ready for her 1st Handphone!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Addition to the Family

Nicole, Nathan and Nadine have their 1st official Cousin.

Cousin Shauna was just added to the family last week, and they had a good time visiting her.

Well, actually, it was more of their parents visiting - the kids spent most of their time playing with their baby cousin's toys.

shauna 1

Congratulations to Tuan and Min on the new addition to their family!

So sorry, I've not been updating much this past week, as I have really been busy with my assignments. Lots of work to do, and studying from Mon to Fri has been getting a bit tiring - Can u imagine, I have 3 more years to go!?!


Been thinking of getting a new phone...

Thinking of dropping my N95 8GB, to a Blackberry Bold.

Any ideas on how I can get a good price (In terms of selling and buying) for each item?

hp collage

Actually, I am quite happy with my camera phone (N95 8GB), but I am looking to upgrade, as I need to be more functional.

Do let me know, if you have any good lobangs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

America's Got Talent - David Militello & Neal Boyd

Guys, I just managed to catch this seasons' America's Got Talent on Channel 5, and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the acts.

If you have never seen America's Got Talent before, it's a talent show where anything goes! In this show, you will see kids, dogs, cats, gymnasts, magicians, old folks and basically anything to everything. It's a talent show for everyone to join, and it's actually quite entertaining!

I found two acts on the Internet that are really good! In fact, one of them is really quite touching (time to take out the tissues!)

The boy is autistic and it is touching as you hear his story and hear the innocence in his voice. Check it out!


This next video is for all those out there who dare to dream. Enjoy :)


Monday, September 8, 2008

Nadine and the 3 Amigos

As everyone has been requesting for photos and updates about Nadine, we have decided to do a collage of her for everyone.

Here are the latest photos of Nadine, just taken today:



She is very much faster than Nicole in terms of motor skills, and she can even flip, turn around and crawl backwards.

Below is a limited edition collage of the 3 Kids together.

Just look at little Nathan - he is just rolling all over his sister, to get to the front of the camera.

3 amigos

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Friday, September 5, 2008

City Harvest Church - Asia Conference

As we were driving the Nicole to school this week , we stumbled upon a present surprise!

I saw an ad that was very familiar!!!

Asia Bus

My wife immediately stepped onto the accelerator to take a closer look.

My hunch was proven rite!!!

Before us, was a bus carrying an advertisement, showcasing the



With Speakers like Ps. Kong Hee, Benny Hinn, Dr. A.R Bernard - This is definitely the Biggest Conference around, this coming November. With 26 electives, and a gourmet of Biblical and Gastronomical delights - You have definitely got to take leave for this event!

With Brand New Games for our Family Carnival, this event is definitely one for the whole family.

Check out the latest trailer in the video below:

Sign up for the Conference today!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

England, Andorra and Dora

Andorra is a small landlocked country in Western Europe bordered by Spain and France. It has a population of 71, 822 people.


Why would my daughter be interested in this country?

Well....it seems a lot?!?....

For all my readers who are non-soccer fans: this Saturday, England will be playing Andorra in a World Cup Qualifying Game.

On our way to school, the Class 95FM team, were talking about the upcoming match. One of the DJs mentioned excitedly that this match is a very important match for England - as Andorra is the first hurdle for England's Qualifying Campaign.

Nicole was very excited with the DJ's comments!

She immediately told mummy, who was beside her....


Mummy, the man talked about DORA!!!

andorra collage

Who says that a 3 year old girl can't be interested in soccer?!?

Btw, I just received news from Blogger's Choice Awards that the competition will be coming to a close in October. The competition is getting tight, as many people have started voting aggressively for their favorite blogs.

Do vote for me, if you have not done so!

My site was nominated for Hottest Daddy Blogger!

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