Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pst Kong Hee's Sermon on Sunday

Pst. Kong Hee reminded us once again about Visualization and Speaking the Word..The miracle will definitely come in due season...We will have a stadium for 30 000 people. We will have a zone of 1000 people. As the pictures were flashed on the LED, we played it in our minds and in our prayers. If we speak to the mountain, it will be removed. The spiritual dimension makes the impossible, POSSIBLE. God will make it possible for us!

Talked to Pst Kong on Sunday. My revelation - I asked him what was Pst Cho's church like- he told me that as it was a place where people prayed so much...He said, "ALL things are Possible there!"

As he said it, I felt an impartation in my spirit...The words shoke the pillars of my faith...It was like a rhema and i felt the presence and faith of God clothed me. Kinda hard to put in words.
As they say in Hebrews 11:6 - Faith is a substance ...I felt the substance

Happy Bdae Pst Tan

Today is Pst. Tan's Bdae!!! Can u imagine, he is the same age as me but doing so much more things!!! IMHO, he is truly a great man of God!!! He always inspires me with his great love for the word of God, and his ability to find golden nuggets from the same scriptures that I have gone thru numerous times. With an energy level next to Ps. Kong Hee, it has been my greatest pleasure to serve Him and to work in the same office as Him. His sacrifice and committment to the KOG is truly an inspiration. If u were stuck on a deserted island with him, u won't be there for long, as he will probably find a way to get off it!!! Hats off to the Awesome Man of God!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Can't believe it!!!

Can't believe this...I am actually starting a blog!!!...Last night i was on facebook and now this...Looks like I am ready for a paradigm shift.

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