Monday, June 9, 2008

Toilet Training a 16-month old toddler

Nathan is one step closer to getting toilet trained! Yeah!

Today, he was playing with his toys in the room. Suddenly, he kicked up a big fuss. I looked up and saw Weng carrying him and dashing into the bathroom.

It was quite a sight! A 12kg struggling toddler in the arms of a petite woman sprinting.

Well, it seems while Nathan was playing, he suddenly showed signs of wanting to poo--contorted face turning red. So Weng carried him and ran to the toilet. She put him on the toilet seat, so he could poo directly into the toilet bowl.


Shortly after, we heard a few plops and splashes.


Well, my boy succeeded! Next step is to get him to indicate in advance when he wants to poo. Then we don't have to sprint across the hallway!


~~~ ><>Alan&Sally<>< ~~~ said...

So cute! YAY! Another milestone!
His before and after facial expressions are so different. Really can see how relieved he was! :)

p!nkroma said...

so nice that you have captured this moment. hehe...

cube said...

The expressions are priceless! Enjoy these days because they grow up in the blink of an eye.

ED said...

ED to everyone...

Tks! trying to remember every moment for the blog as well!

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