Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Day at School

Today was the 1st day of school for both Nic and Daddy.

Nic just changed to the afternoon session, and both mummy and I were a bit apprehensive as she was going to a new class and geting a new form teacher as well.

Driving towards school, we got Nic to declare her faith. Our little schoolgirl was boldly proclaiming in the car,
"I am a brave girl!", "I will not cry in school!"

But we walked into school, and as we met her new form teacher, our brave Nicole turned into the "Cowardly Lion!"

It was quite funny, as when we asked Nic, "Who's a brave gal?"

Nicole, with tears rolling down the cheeks, was saying "I'm a brave gal! Nicole Tay is a brave girl!" Haha....But our brave littile warrior made it through her 1st day....

Today was also my first day at Trinity Theological College.

My first lecture today was on World Religion, covered by a Professor from the Methodist family.

It was really very interesting (did not need any sweets at all!)

4 main pillars of studying World religion are the 4 C's:
  1. Creed
  2. Code
  3. Ceremony
  4. Community

Just to summarise one of the main talking points:

According to Literary Hermeneutics (means the study of theology based on writings), one of the declarations of a Methodist minister (the CREED) is that he must abstain from alcohol. But when we study it further, the CODE of conduct of a minister only covers moderation from alcohol. In fact, the church as a whole (the COMMUNITY) also believes in moderation from alcohol.

Therefore, when one studies religion, one has to look not just at the CREED but also the CODE and how the COMMUNITY feels about it. This is called 'Social Hermeneutics.'

The lesson was very 'sociology' based - something which my wife would really enjoy as well!

Anyway, the whole course is exam based, so I'm believing that I will do well for the papers as well.

Just so that i don't bore u guys with my talk on hermeneutics (isn't that a real mouthful?), here's a real funny ad that i came across. Hope u guys like it!


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This Ad is really very funny!

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