Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Biggest Loser!

Channel 17 (Hallmark Channel) has been showing marathons of a reality show called ‘The Biggest Loser!”

Every Sunday night, they will show at least 5 episodes of “The Biggest Loser” from 9pm all the way to 3am.

biggest loser logoThe show is really addictive, as overweight people try to “out-do” each other in losing weight, with the aim of changing their life, and losing weight at the same time!

It’s really quite interesting and motivating to watch the show, as you see these really fat people losing as much as 5kg in a week!

In fact, the results are really quite phenomenal!

before and after

Seriously, with such radical results..I often find myself on the exercise bicycle and doing push-ups as I watch the show!

I even got told off by my wife for eating supper as I was watching the show! “You are missing the objective of the show!” She exclaimed! :)

Catch the trailer here:

Anyway, Nicole managed to catch some episodes of the show, and she has heard many of our comments.

Very often, we would exclaim, “Oh my! She is so fat!” or "Wow! This one is really fat!"

The little girl was paying attention to us…

The other day, we went for some fried chicken at “Popeye’s” in Changi Airport Terminal 3.


As usual, the queue was long, and the whole family had to wait for our turn to order.

It just happened that, as we waiting – three really FAT people came and queued up behind us. They were really huge and “AMERICAN SIZED”.

Nicole saw them and at the top of her voice, she went:

“Mummy! Look! SO FAT!!!”

We nearly died of embarrassment!

Our maid pretended to watch TV!

Daddy and Mummy stared intensively at the MENU!

We pretended that we did not hear her!

At the corner of my eye, I saw three really unhappy black faces!

How…??? We all wanted to dig a really deep hole & jump in!

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Jayme Shing said...

HAHAHA!!! Oh gosh i can imagine the embarrassment!! Nicole is so funny!! hahaha!!

nat said...

hahaha!!!! NIcole is soooo funny!!! YA!! I can feel the pai sei'ness'!!!

San said...

Hahaha!!! Oh man!!! I can't imagine!

Alanna Tan said...

OH my gosh! after doing my preparation for my exams, this post really LIFTED MY SPIRIT up FULLY! haha... i can even imagine nicole's face! hahaa... she must have felt so happie when she was able to say the same thing as you! hahaha

xiao tou said...

Ya. Many Americans are really, really fat. Went to a international business meeting overseas and met some colleagues for the first time. I was quite shocked at their size and I suddenly felt very slim, like a teenage boy...!
Hey, as a father of 3 myself, I enjoyed your blog...

ED said...

xiao tou
thanks! and welcome to my blog!

shachew said...


Your blog always lightens my day!

Terence said...

Oww... guess u gotta explain to ya little gal when to say the right things.... reminds me of the identical incident that happened to me when i was young too.... & yes... nowadays the kids are learning silently... heehee

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