Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers’ are so Special

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mothers day!

Mother’s day is a very important day, and they deserve much more than us appreciating them only once a year!

Nicole did not forget her mother as well, and she made a present for Mummy in school.

Here she is with her present:

mother's day present

Inside the package, was a lollipop (Which she consumed even before she saw mummy)

teddy bear bread

She also made 2 pieces of bread with jam as well. One in the shape of a teddy bear, and the other is a star. The star was already half eaten, before I could take a picture, and once again consumed before mummy saw it :)

It’s ok…daddy chipped in with a present for mummy as  and bought her a pair of shoes from ALDO!


As we gathered at our meetings, we also took out an instant photo printer, took photos and made cards for our mums as well!

mum collage

Took a photo for my mum as well!

Happy Mother's day

Thank you so much for being that Special Mother in my life!

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