Friday, November 30, 2007

Knowing & Undersanding More

Since I last started talking about movies, some of my friends have been giving me some advice in this direction.

Cheap movies are a great 'lobang', considering that it is one of Singaporeans' favorite pastimes.

An obvious option is of course 'Video Ezy'

If u don't already know, once u become a parent, visits to the 'pictures' are really rare. Gone are the days when u can go for a midnight show, and be transported to another land for 2hours, without any worries. Hey! This is the world of Parenting!

Last nite, my member gave me another good 'lobang', if u want to watch movies for free. Check this site out.

A New Revelation

Robert Kiyosaki recently made a statement on CNBC that the price of oil will probably go up to US $100/ barrel .

Oil was probably in the mid $60 price range back then.

Just recently, the price of oil hit US $100/barrel.

Economists believe that prices can move due to expectations. I believe that when people of authority like Alan Greenspan and other financial gurus make such statements, it has a innate ability to drive up expectations and prices.

Imagine the power of confession if we know and realise our authority. If a mere man such as Alan Greenspan can drive the economy by 1 statement, How much more so for us Christians, when we know our authority in Christ.

God just said," Let there be light!"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Golden Village Gold Class

Would u pay $25 for a Movie Ticket?

Just this week, Shing blessed me and my wife, with 2 complimentary tickets to watch a movie at GV's Gold Class cinemas.

At $25 a ticket, I was looking forward to my first visit to the 'pictures'.

Thinking that at such prices, we would have the cinema to ourselves, I was very, very wrong!

Once u walk pass the main entrance, u realise that there are many Expats and Singaporeans who are ready to pay for such an experience. Each cinema holds about 60 seats, but the halls were always completely sold out.

As we sat in the lounge (It's like going for a SQ flight), we were given a menu.

Items available ranged from soup all the way to a 'Gold Class Burger'. If u were really hungry, a set meal will set u back by an additional $25 dollars.

Thinking that something here must be free (as the tickets were so expensive), I asked the waitress, "Is there anything here, that is complimentary?"

She replied," Only warm and cold water!"

Man! At $25 a ticket, I thought that they would at least give me free-flow popcorn and coke. I was really wrong!

We ordered some refreshments and the waitress said that she would bring it to our seats later. My wife remarked that, the next time we watch a movie, she can bring the food to my seat as well!

The best thing about the cinema were the reclining seats. Imagine an 'Osim' Chair without the massage module. The chair had a leg rest, and a remote on the side, which made the chair recline to near 180 degrees.

My wife enjoyed the chair and the complimentary blanket best! That's her pictured above, catching some sleep before the movie started.

Other things worth a mention was the 'Help' Button. The pictures at the bottom of the collage tell the story.

If u pressed the button, it will turn from 'red' to 'green' and a waitress (aka stewardess) will come to attend to your needs (Kind of like on a plane). She will even kneel down and talk to you!

Sound wise, the subwoofers are worth talking about. Watching an 'action' movie, the explosions in the film made my jeans vibrate, as the low frequencies shook the hall. At least, I think i know what I am paying for.

Overall, It was quite an experience (Thanks shing once again for the blessing).

However, if I have to pay for my next movie, the heartlander in me will just pay $8.50.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My little Donut!

2 1/2 year old Nic shocked Grandma today. When PoPo (Grandma in Cantonese) asked her, "Which donut do you want?"

Grandma was just expecting her to point or to just gesture wildly.

Instead, Nic replied confidently, in her cheeky smile, "Double Chocolate!"

Isn't it amazing, how quickly our children pick up things.

In fact, one of Nic's 1st few words in her vocabulary was "French Fries" - Not that I blame her! Mum is still upset with me for introducing to her such 'healthy' food!

Well, she seems to be getting more of her 'Double Choc' these days, as the queues have been slowly 'thining' in Suntec!

Looks like the donut craze in Singapore, is slowly dying down.

But I am sure, that we Singaporeans will soon find something to queue for soon! :)

Something else worth going crazy about, is the Breakaway Camp!

4 more days to Breakaway Monday!

We have 150 people going so far, so it is going to be a really fun event!

This weekend in Jurong, the church will also be giving out free Donuts.

If u are entitled to 1, pls go for a 'Double Chocolate'.

It's every little gals' dream!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is EQ really important?

Just read this weeks 'Time' magazine and I came across something very interesting.

For 178 years, Oxford and Cambridge compete in a rowing event on London's River Thames. Pitting 2 eight-man rowing teams against each other, this is the most watched rowing race in the world.
This year, Cambridge won when it staged an amazing come from behind win.

Talking point

The victorious team included a brash Canadian who did not make the coaches' cut. But he was included as his clowning good natured style made him popular with the team. The squads top 5 rowers-including an Olympic gold medalist and 2 world champions-felt they rowed better with the Canadian on board.

An expert in teamwork is thus proposing that, it is sometimes necessary to let go of a bit of skill, in exchange for sociability.
He says that "People want to deal with people they like!"

To bring it home to Singapore, maybe paper qualifications are just not enough?

History shows us that teams who succeed, are not just a bunch of individuals.
In fact, anyone who loves sports, will tell you that every team, who does well has a strong supporting cast.

Michael Jordan has Scottie Pippen, Marco Van Basten has Ruud Gullit, Adam has Eve, Barbie has Ken!

There is no point in having all the talent, but having zero social skills!

Is EQ important?

Well, Success may not not necessarily be lonely, if your people follow u to the top!
The greatest person according to Jesus, is one who is interested in other people.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sambal or Samba Chicken

Did u know that 50% of our chicken, comes from Brazil?

With Inflation hitting a 16 year high of 3.6% this year, and likely to go up to 5% next year, do u know that, Brazilian chickens is one of Singapore's ways of solving the problem.

To start off, my wife opened the papers on Saturday, and was disturbed with a report that, Singapore was facing an inflation rate of 3.6%!

She asked me "Since you have an Honors degree in Economics, can u explain to me what this means? What can keep the prices low?"

Posed with this challenge, I hope I can put this as simply as possible.

Inflation means a general increase in prices. In the 1980s, u can buy a plate of chicken rice for $2, today it costs $3. This increase in price is called Inflation.

So how do we keep these prices down?

The traditional source of our chickens is Malaysia. However, when diseases like 'Avian Flu' hits ducks or other poultry, it makes healthy chickens/poultry hard to find.

This situation is worsened by the fact, that chicken, pork and other poultry are an essential component of the Asian Diet.

When healthy chickens are rare, prices go up!

Hence, to prevent the increase the price of a plate of chicken, Brazilian chickens are our solution! With an alternative source of poultry, we keep prices low!

Singapore is doing the same with seafood. Traditionally, we get seafood from Malaysia or Indonesia, but today we get our seafood from a place in Africa called 'Namibia'

I did not know that until yesterday! So guys, U can now safely say that u have tried African food!

I hope u guys are with me so far... I will further elaborate on the causes of inflation soon!

But...More importantly, It's 6 more days to 'Breakaway Camp', so make sure u invite your friends Today!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Telly Tubbies!

Today, I had some free time with the kids in the morning. So, I decided to give both of them a bath together!

The kids just loved the idea of playing with water. Nic was so excited about the bath, that she was taking off her clothes, as we headed for the toilet!

Don't u think Nathan looks like the "Marshmallow Man" from 'Ghostbusters!' or the 'Michelin Man' (Michelin is a brand of tyres)?

Eating Habits

Nic is in love with Lays Potato Chips. As it is not really healthy, and because I want her to have a great figure when she grows up, I try to moderate her eating habits.

The other day, when she was not looking, I 'popped' into the kitchen quietly to eat some chips. Little did i know, a little gal was following close behind me.

The moment I stuffed a few chips into my mouth, Nic peeped into the kitchen.

She tilt her head, smiled at me cheekily, and said "Daddy, what are you doing?"

At that moment, my flesh got to me, and I had to lie, "Er..nothing!"

"Oh Father, Forgive me, I have sinned!"

Looks like I got to more responsible with my eating habits as well, if I want to mentor my daughter!

Btw, it's 7 more days to Breakaway Camp! Let's keep on praying for Revival!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My team is Out!

I am quite a soccer fan if u don't already know. So it was very disappointing for me to wake up on Thur morning. and find out that my "Beloved England" is out of the European Championship!

Mcclaren the boss (pictured on the left) got the sack, as he just cost the English economy $2 Billion in lost revenue.

The Euro Championship is the European equivalent of the 'World Cup'. With the English team's exit, it looks like I will be left without a favorite team to support next June. What a 'Bummer!'

To get to more serious things, the 'Top Dogs' of the MDA (Media Development Authority) just recently released a video of themselves doing a 'Rap'.

Quite revolutionary if u ask me, considering that the rappers are in the late 40s and have no sense of rhytmn or groove at all. It's just like your Principal or CEO doing a Rap!

Out of the box? Unfortunately, reviews were mixed and not very favourable.

Just saw the video today.

It is not exactly very 'entertaining' but I say '10' points for trying.

I feel that people just need to be more encouraging, when especially when someone tries something new and different.

I guess this is their version of 'Crossing Over!'

Friday, November 23, 2007

Funny moments in life!

Every time when i carry the kids, I will pray over their lives, and proclaim the promises of God over them.

The other day, as I was carrying Nic, I got Nic to rehearse the promises together with me.

I asked Nic. "Are u blessed?". She replied "Yes, I am blessed!"

I asked Nic, "Do u have favor?" To my surprise, she put her hand on her forehead and replied, "NO! Daddy, I do not have FEVER!"

Aunty Weng and I immediately smiled and chuckled...Ah! is those little moments, that make parenting such a joy!

Recently, I stumbled upon something interesting in the papers.

This columnist who is probably in her late 20s, received a "friend" request from her mum, as she logged on to 'Facebook'. Can u imagine that?

This was followed by an instant message window which popped up on her screen with a command.

"Be my friend", it said.

Please take note! U have been warned! This may happen to you soon. :)

I think that facebook is really catching on...everyone seems to be getting 'poked' or 'chumped' regularly these days.

Statistics from 'Facebook' say that the number of visitors to the site has increased in all age groups. An interesting statistic is this:

Since April 2006
In the 45 to 54 age group - users increased by 63%
In the 54 to 64 age group - users increased by 83%
In the 18 to 24 age group - users increased by 30%

It seems that older people are really getting more net savvy. Maybe one day, we can add a minister of parliament as a friend as well! Won't that be radical!

To end off, check out this facebook video I found.

I like one part of the lyrics which says: " I used to meet gals at the mall, now I just wait for them to write on my wall!".

What is this world turning to? Looks like we are going to have a 'Facebook' wedding in the near future!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Macdonald's New Sandwich

Costing Sing $250 per sandwich, this is not an ordinary value meal from Mcdonald's.

Called the Macdonald Sandwich after its creator Scott Macdonald, this gourmet sandwich may be just too hard for us to swallow.

Its cost is down to Wagyu beef that make up most of the filling.

Wagyu cattle are one of the most expensive in the world, as they are raised on a special diet of beer and grain.

Don't think i will ever pay for this sandwich. The papers are calling it the sandwich for the 'Snobs'.

But, talking about food, let's talk about something more affordable.

Just the other day, we celebrated Michele and Suting's birthday (Happy Birthday Gals!). We bought this cake from a private cake shop (He operates from his house), and his creations are really very tasty. Check out his blog!

We ordered a durian cake that was a real hit. It is shaped like a durian and it had real durians in it. I ordered this cake a few times already, as it really goes well with parents and in-laws who are durian lovers. My wife tells me that the chocolate cake is really good as well.

She actually stumbled upon the cake blog, and we took a chance, as she ordered the cake by faith. When we saw the creator, who is only a youth in his 20s, she thought that she was the victim of fake marketing. But to our surprise, his creations are really great, and it is really a must try.

Would also like to take this opportunity to say Congratulations to Juner, who just delivered Baby Denzel into this world.

Welcome to the World of Parenting!

I am sure that u will enjoy your new adventure!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Rising Divorce Rates

Was flipping through "The New Paper" today and came across an interesting article.

In 2006, divorces and annulments hit a record high of 7061 in Singapore.

20 years ago, this figure was just 2608.

Counselors say that the problem with this generation, is their mindsets.

Comments like, 'I don't like his personal habits' or 'I don't like how much he spends,' are regular reasons for breakups.

A family counselor says that "In the older days, it was more about 'family', Now, it's more about 'ME'.

Therefore when young people get married, they find it hard to adjust from 'me' to 'we'.

I guess that's why Jesus teaches that whoever wants to be first, must first be a servant. In fact, Jesus goes on to use a stronger word. He says that we must be a slave.

This means no longer living for ourselves, but living our lives for others!

Therefore, for marriages to succeed, couples need to start living for each other, rather than themselves.

On a lighter note, let me introduce you to some American culture. I stumbled upon this video about 'The Osmonds' this week.

These group of brothers were the very 1st "boy band" in the 1960s & 70s. They were very popular in America and later 2 of the siblings Donny and Marie Osmond, even had their own hit TV show.

One of their hits 'Love me for a reason' was remixed by 'Boyzone'. Check out the original in the video below (the fans haven't changed much!):

Anyway, to cut the long story short, recently their father died.

The grandchildren decided to come together and sing a tribute to Grandpa. Even for this second generation, they are really very musical, and if u luv music, u will probably like the harmonies of this song. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

City Harvest Church Sunday Service

Pst Kong Hee was not in town this week, so Pst Phil Pringle was around to preach this week.

Today's service was really different!

Have u ever gone to church to see someone paint?

Well this was exactly what happened today.

Armed with his scrapper, paintbrushes and his bible, Pst Phil came on stage with a white canvas as his background. It was like an empty page, waiting to be written on.

Frankly, I am not really an art enthusiast. My pursuit of art in school usually resulted in "stick men", or what my teachers commonly referred to as "chicken scratchings!" As a result, I steered clear of art schools & musuems. But somehow, there was a different expectation in my heart today, as I did not know what to expect!

As Pst. Phil painted, he also preached at appropriate moments.

I was most blessed when he preached about Man's will.

Man's will one of the most powerful things that he has, and it is one area where God will not touch. I guess that's why when people come to church with an attitude to challenge God, they find it difficult to experience Him.

If one comes, and says "God, if u are real, do this for me!" or "If u are real, let this promotion, happen for me!". A change of attitude is needed!

When one surrenders one's will, no demands are made! No proof is asked for!

But just a genuine hunger to meet God, with no strings attached is sufficient. When one invites God like that, God is invited to have an encounter with that person.

Back to the painting. After 1hr, a picture of Jesus on the cross was the finished product.

I like it! The acrylic paint really adds texture to the cross. The texture to the cross, gives one a sense of "hardness" about the cross.

Pst Phil did the last supper on saturday night, and it is pictured below:

Cool rite, Btw, it's 15 more days to the Breakaway Camp!!!

Get your registration forms and money in ASAP! It's gonna be ROCKING!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My 1st Parents-Teachers Meeting

Nic is currently enrolled in a pre-school and after 3 months of school, we had our 1st P.T. Meeting. As it was a first for Daddy,Mummy and Nic, we did not know what to expect.

However, going in to the meeting, we were suprised by our 1st report card (Nic is only 2.5 years old, if u are asking). That's the report card, in the picture above.

Noo...Noo...No...we were not overwhelmed by work sheets and homework, but instead, the report card had pictures of her at play in school.

Check out some of the pictures below:

Isn't she adorable!!....Like so cute rite!!!

Mummy likes the Harry Potter picure (they celebrated Halloween at school), I like the picture of her playing the violin (ala Vanessa Mae). She looks so serious and focused, like she can really do it!

Besides the pictures that really warmed our hearts, we were also glad to hear that Nic is doing well at school. Her teachers find her outgoing and independent, and rather advanced as compared to her contempories who are 12 months older. They said that she was also very popular in school, as even kids from other classes knew who she was! (Hee Hee... That's my gal!)

Her Chinese teacher, said that her Chinese is improving (Hallelujah to that!), and that she is beginning to string words together already. Mum is worried though, as her Chinese has that "Ang Moh" twang. Well, we can't have it all, especially when we don't use chinese at home!

Overall, we really enjoyed the meeting, as it's always good to hear positive feedback! :)

Btw, thanks for all the tags about names starting with 'N'. The latest update is that my wife really likes Nadine.

But do keep tagging, and giving me your comments and names starting with 'N'. We will definitely consider them!

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Baby

Just this week, my wife and I made our periodic visit to the gynecologist.

That's the new baby in the photo attached above. As the clinic was unusually empty, the doc was really relaxed and took his time with us.

From the computer in front of him, the doctor measured the baby's hands, legs, head....he just kept on going thru a lot of measurements and reading them out loud, verbatim, as they popped up on the screen.

Frankly, I did not really care how long his legs were, his hands, or the circumference of his head. It just does not make sense to me, whether it was 2cm, 5 cm or 10cm, as none of us were doctors. As the doc went on, I just kept on saying, "So...that means, he is healthy right! No problems, Correct!"

...Long silence. The doc replied, "As far as I can see, there is nothing wrong with the baby", and then he went on reading more measurements.

Then my wife asked, "Doctor, what sex is the baby!"...We quietly held our breathes...

The doctor replied, "As far as i can see, it's not a boy!"

Praise God! We smiled as he said that. Mummy told me, a few weeks ago, that it was a girl already.

Looks like Mummies know best!

Anyway, I need help in naming my new baby girl. We are stuck with the letter N, as we have Nicole & Nathan already.

Any suggestions?

Currently we have Natasha!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Breakaway is Coming!

Calling all youths out there!

Guess what!!! The Breakaway camp is just 2 weeks away!!!

If you are looking for something different, something really fun and fulfilling, you got to sign up for this camp!

Camps are pages in your life that you will never forget. They are times, where u get to get to meet new people, enjoy the great outdoors, and soak in the presence of God!!!

Really Cool, if u ask me!

Personally, after organising quite a few camps, I still enjoy every one of them! As it is really a time where I really get to know my younger CG members better (after all, I am only a few years older!..hee..hee!)

But more importantly, it is also a time where God moves in a mighty way, and where members get a serious encounter with God! Dreams and visions are birthed, and many decide to to rise up as Cell Group Leaders!

In fact, many of the facilitators in this years' camp, used to be participants as well.

So, if u are going for this camp, or if u are going to sign up really soon, start believing!

Start Believing that after this camp, u are going to be mightily changed by God!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Different Folks, Different Strokes!

Just when u thought, that u mastered the parenting thing, No. 2 comes along and debunks your theories!

Nathan is from Nicole! That's him stretching out for the guitar, while daddy is practising. He seems to love the guitar more than his sister, and like all boys, he loves to play the drums.

Hit any tabletop, with any form of uncoordinated rhytmn and u will see him smile! They may come from the same tree, but both of them are miles apart.

Some of the differences are:

  • Nic is easier to put to sleep, but Nate will cry, for what seems like hours before he knocks off.
  • Nic is getting fussy with her food, but Nate seems to want everything rite now!
  • Nic was more mild when she as at Nate's age, but Nate seems to have a bit of a temper, especially when u don't give him enough attention.

Actually, it's just like in life. U just can't treat everybody the same! As i began to love the both of them, I just have to realise that both of them have individual needs.

I need to adjust, if I want to be a better father!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Teacher Curriculum - Top teacher shares his secrets!

Just saw a show by Matthew Perry called "The Triumph" on the Hallmark Channel. I know..I know...many of u are saying, isn't that a really lousy channel! there is nothing ever great on that channel!...But tonight, things were different!

In this true story, Matthew Perry (aka Chandler Bing on the sitcom "Friends") plays this really "Out of the box" teacher (Ron Clark), who has a really great passion to teach. He uses music to teach his 6th graders Algebra and Grammar. His passion for his job brings him to really get into the lives of the 12 year olds, and his impact on them is phenomenal. From under-achievers, they began to become over-achievers, and the kids start having a dream to do something with their lives!

I think it's amazing how this teacher makes his curriculum so interesting and thought provoking. The children thorougly enjoy themselves as they learn something new, and I think that teacher is simply inspiring!

Kinda like being a CGL! A Cell Group Leader is given the same opportunities to make a difference in someone else's lives. Wow! isn't that an awesome privilege to make your live count like that!

I have a dream. I have a dream that I want to make the Bible come to life, like what Ron Clark did with Math! And inspire the next Pst. Kong to emerge among us!

Guys, if ordinary American kids can dream big dreams, let's not be afraid to dream bigger dreams!

Check out the videos i posted, to see Ron Clark in action!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My "Increase your General Knowledge Entry"

Pedra Branca

If u have been following the news lately, you would have heard about this island Pedra Branca being mentioned.

Who would have thought that an island, only big enough for a lighthouse, would create so much controversy.

Pedra Branca means "White Rock" in Portuguese. It commands the eastern approach to the Straits of Singapore, through which almost 900 ships past daily. That piece of information is of great significance, as it means that if the island is under the jurisdiction of Singapore, there will be less hindrance for our maritime trade.

In 1979, Malaysia published a map claiming the island - This has resulted in a need to settle this dispute approximately 2 decades later, in the International Court of Justice at Hague.

Isn't what they say true? It is the little details that do matter?

If u want to catch up on the issue, read The New Paper! It goes straight to the 'juicy' parts!

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Little Worshipper

Today is Deepavali and my wife had CG in the morning. It was the Children's Nanny's off day so I was taking care of the kids while the CG meeting was conducted in the living room.

Alone in the bedroom with the kids, I switched on the TV to distract Nic, and to make life easier for myself. Suddenly, she stood still when the CG started worship.

As she heard the worship song sung outside, Nic spontaneously lifted up her hands and started worshipping God in the room. The little gal just won daddy's heart as we both started worshipping God together :)

Lunch was together with the CG at Peperoni Pizzeria at Greenwood Ave (Behind NJC). Two Thumbs up to this place as it is one of the restaurants under the Les Amis Group (Chic high class french place at the Botanical Gardens/Shaw Centre).

The place is cosy and plastered with children's artwork - this really makes it feel like a family restaurant.

What's more is that they put us in a private room, which gave us our own privacy. I thought that was really cool!

Food wise, their pizzas are the thin crust type. If u order a family pizza, get at least 4 guys to share with u, as it comes in a large wooden slab that is half a normal office table (Costs about $44). My wife's favourite item on the menu is the cheese portabello mushroom. (Giant mushroom-size of clenched fist, deep fried with cheese and looked like a Chinese Yam cake).

Prices are nett, so they do not charge you service charge or GST. Gotta bring my leaders there soon!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Knowing Who u are?

Recently, I have been listening to a Podcast by Dr. A.R Bernard entitled Cycles of Temptation. U can check it out at

Describing the 3 temptations of Christ, he highlighted the importance of the devil's first question to Jesus.

Luke 4:3
And the devil said to Him, "If You are the Son of God, command this stone to become bread."

The 1st question posed to Jesus, was a question about his identity. It challenged Jesus on who he believed he was. This is an important detail, as how u live your life, is determined by who u believe u are.

Jesus believed and knew that He is the Son of God, and it shaped how He lived His life.

If your identity is shaped by your company, by your postion and ranking, you will find your life being poured into the company. If your life and identity is shaped by your friends, you will find out that negative+positive comments made by them, have a significant impact on your actions.

Kinda remembered when I was younger. When my life and actions were determined by fashion and clubbing. Clothes and the things of this world just can't occupy what needs to be filled inside!

Btw, Pst Kong is on Benny Hinn's- "This is your Day!" television program. It is the most widely watched Christian program in America, and on the Wed, Nov 7 broadcast, he tells the CHC story! That's really Cool!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nicole & Aunt Betty Crocker

Being a Man, I never knew or heard of Aunty Betty Crocker until today!

Nicole is down with fever, & as a result she did not go to school today. Frankly the fever thingy is not a very pleasant experience for both child and parent!

To elaborate:

One has to wake up in the middle of the night to sponge the poor girl. This is not exactly easy, when Nic screams at the top of the voice, as she finds herself in a tub of cold water (sponging is necesaary for toddlers when they experience a fever of 39 degrees or more)

As mummy spent the day with her, to make sure that she was recovering well-Aunt Betty Crocker (Brand of a cookie mix) was introduced to my little gal!

Nic loved to play with the dough, but as her hands were too small, instead of making nice round cookies, she kept on rolling out little hot dogs with her dough.

However, she thoroughly enjoyed beating her 1st egg, and hearing the timer go "ting!" as the cookies came out of the oven. With her eyes "opened-wide" in excitement, she was definitely 1 hungry cookie!

At press time, the fever is back, and we will be bringing her to see the doc tomm. Praying that she will get well soon!

BTW, for all your parents out there, check out the video below. Its really funny! Hoping my children will have Becky's confidence when she grows up as well.

Monday, November 5, 2007


My sudden interest in the Internet "connect" world was sparked off by Facebook!

Reading a recent "Money" article, I found out that Microsoft bought into facebook for US$240 million (1.6% stake). Currently, facebook is valued at US$15 Billion with 9 million users. Not bad at all for 3 Harvard college lads who founded the site in their hostel!

I was further encouraged to venture into this new world, by some adults in another CG, who mentioned that they were actively involved in this world.

I logged in, and after my 1st poke, 1st egg, 1st vampire suck, and pitting my IQ with the countries of the world application - I can say that, I am hooked!

In the upcoming weeks, I will be going out with my long lost Sec. school mates, JC mates, and I even got a reunion with my University mates in the horizon.

For those of us in this revolution, check out the hiliarious parody in the video below!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rev. Kong Hee - Arise n Build Weekend

A New Milestone

Today was Our Building Fund Weekend, where we "Arise and Build", to build God a new house.

Taxi drivers- Told my members the other day, that when we were at Jurong, it was interesting that when I took a taxi to Jurong West St 91, the taxi drivers' comments would range passionately from, "this church is very nice" to " this church has a lot of Millionaires!"

Now when I tell them to go to Expo, they will just simply say that "This church has a lot of people!"

This milestone is important to us. In our personal walk, spiritual habits like tithing and joining a ministry, represent our progressive milestones. Our sacrifices during this time represents our milestones as a church! We have got to move on!

Ps. Kong preached appropriately, - "It's not just building a building, but it's about building lives!"

As we give to a greater cause, we are building greater opportunities for the Kingdom of God, greater opportunities for our families and for a new generation to arise.

We are believing that our families will have a great stadium for us to build our lives in!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Nicole's Growing Up!

If u don't know what Nic is like...She is only 2.5yrs and very shy with strangers. She really takes some time to warm up to new people and as my wife's Cg members have found...that if u want to win her really fast...chocolates and sweets go a LONG WAY!!!

Yesterday, one of our colleagues who is really good with kids and who has a daughter called Chyanne invited Nicole over to her place. Only thing is that Nicole has only been to her place once, and that was probably 6 mths ago (In baby years, that is a long time!). What's more Chyanne is not her regular playmate as she does not hang out in the same nursery as her!

Nicole suprised me by saying, YES! she wants to go over to Chyanne's place. After explaining to her, that Daddy, Mummy & Auntie Weng (our Maid) will not be going, as we will be at CG & she will be all alone, she still said Yes!, she wants to go.

I told myself..YA right!...when it comes to the crunch, she will probably cry...she does not know what she's talking about!!! But mummy looked at me & said, "This time, I think she can!"

I'm sorry but i felt like the man with the sick son who said to Jesus-"Lord I believe, but help my unbelief!!!"

Even as we went to the carpark, Nic said that she was ok and wanted to go! As it dawned on us that she really meant it, our faces changed, we looked like 3 worried parents leaving their little precious for the 1st time. As we strapped little Nicole into our colleague's car seat, we felt we were taking new steps into unexplored territory.

As she waved her little hand at us and said goodbye, leaving us in the carpark, I felt I was like my mum with watery eyes, saying goodbye to me as i sat in the 3 tonner at CMPB. My little girl is going for her 1st pyjama party without Daddy, Mummy and her Nanny. With that, I held little Nathan in my arms & i said, "There's only u left Today!...."

That's little shy Nicole in the photo after we picked her up from the house! She made it thru without crying and today..our parenting crossed a new boundary!!!

PS-To Nic: When u grow old enough to read & understand this entry, Daddy & Mummy just want to say that We luv u and we are so proud of U!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gearing up for Studies

Just got News about my Timetable for next year....Will be studying my Masters Program in Trinity Theological College in Jan. next yr. Have not been writing for too long, so got to get used to putting my thoughts on paper again.

Its going to be 3 times a week for my 1st semester & it is also a 3 yr challenge. That's a long time...Might be a father of 4 by then? :) Please...don't quote me on that!

This weekend is Arise & my amount...I wrote it last week...Got tears in my eyes when i put it into the blue bucket. Something is happening in the Spiritual realm...Felt the faith that I had in the Hollywood days!

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