Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Telly Tubbies!

Today, I had some free time with the kids in the morning. So, I decided to give both of them a bath together!

The kids just loved the idea of playing with water. Nic was so excited about the bath, that she was taking off her clothes, as we headed for the toilet!

Don't u think Nathan looks like the "Marshmallow Man" from 'Ghostbusters!' or the 'Michelin Man' (Michelin is a brand of tyres)?

Eating Habits

Nic is in love with Lays Potato Chips. As it is not really healthy, and because I want her to have a great figure when she grows up, I try to moderate her eating habits.

The other day, when she was not looking, I 'popped' into the kitchen quietly to eat some chips. Little did i know, a little gal was following close behind me.

The moment I stuffed a few chips into my mouth, Nic peeped into the kitchen.

She tilt her head, smiled at me cheekily, and said "Daddy, what are you doing?"

At that moment, my flesh got to me, and I had to lie, "Er..nothing!"

"Oh Father, Forgive me, I have sinned!"

Looks like I got to more responsible with my eating habits as well, if I want to mentor my daughter!

Btw, it's 7 more days to Breakaway Camp! Let's keep on praying for Revival!


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