Saturday, November 10, 2007

My "Increase your General Knowledge Entry"

Pedra Branca

If u have been following the news lately, you would have heard about this island Pedra Branca being mentioned.

Who would have thought that an island, only big enough for a lighthouse, would create so much controversy.

Pedra Branca means "White Rock" in Portuguese. It commands the eastern approach to the Straits of Singapore, through which almost 900 ships past daily. That piece of information is of great significance, as it means that if the island is under the jurisdiction of Singapore, there will be less hindrance for our maritime trade.

In 1979, Malaysia published a map claiming the island - This has resulted in a need to settle this dispute approximately 2 decades later, in the International Court of Justice at Hague.

Isn't what they say true? It is the little details that do matter?

If u want to catch up on the issue, read The New Paper! It goes straight to the 'juicy' parts!


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