Friday, November 9, 2007

My Little Worshipper

Today is Deepavali and my wife had CG in the morning. It was the Children's Nanny's off day so I was taking care of the kids while the CG meeting was conducted in the living room.

Alone in the bedroom with the kids, I switched on the TV to distract Nic, and to make life easier for myself. Suddenly, she stood still when the CG started worship.

As she heard the worship song sung outside, Nic spontaneously lifted up her hands and started worshipping God in the room. The little gal just won daddy's heart as we both started worshipping God together :)

Lunch was together with the CG at Peperoni Pizzeria at Greenwood Ave (Behind NJC). Two Thumbs up to this place as it is one of the restaurants under the Les Amis Group (Chic high class french place at the Botanical Gardens/Shaw Centre).

The place is cosy and plastered with children's artwork - this really makes it feel like a family restaurant.

What's more is that they put us in a private room, which gave us our own privacy. I thought that was really cool!

Food wise, their pizzas are the thin crust type. If u order a family pizza, get at least 4 guys to share with u, as it comes in a large wooden slab that is half a normal office table (Costs about $44). My wife's favourite item on the menu is the cheese portabello mushroom. (Giant mushroom-size of clenched fist, deep fried with cheese and looked like a Chinese Yam cake).

Prices are nett, so they do not charge you service charge or GST. Gotta bring my leaders there soon!


june said...

my heart's blessed & touched by the little one who so spontaneously tuned in to worship GOD ..

Ed said...

Ya...we very touched too...Hoping that all our children can be like that!!!

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