Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nicole & Aunt Betty Crocker

Being a Man, I never knew or heard of Aunty Betty Crocker until today!

Nicole is down with fever, & as a result she did not go to school today. Frankly the fever thingy is not a very pleasant experience for both child and parent!

To elaborate:

One has to wake up in the middle of the night to sponge the poor girl. This is not exactly easy, when Nic screams at the top of the voice, as she finds herself in a tub of cold water (sponging is necesaary for toddlers when they experience a fever of 39 degrees or more)

As mummy spent the day with her, to make sure that she was recovering well-Aunt Betty Crocker (Brand of a cookie mix) was introduced to my little gal!

Nic loved to play with the dough, but as her hands were too small, instead of making nice round cookies, she kept on rolling out little hot dogs with her dough.

However, she thoroughly enjoyed beating her 1st egg, and hearing the timer go "ting!" as the cookies came out of the oven. With her eyes "opened-wide" in excitement, she was definitely 1 hungry cookie!

At press time, the fever is back, and we will be bringing her to see the doc tomm. Praying that she will get well soon!

BTW, for all your parents out there, check out the video below. Its really funny! Hoping my children will have Becky's confidence when she grows up as well.


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