Monday, November 5, 2007


My sudden interest in the Internet "connect" world was sparked off by Facebook!

Reading a recent "Money" article, I found out that Microsoft bought into facebook for US$240 million (1.6% stake). Currently, facebook is valued at US$15 Billion with 9 million users. Not bad at all for 3 Harvard college lads who founded the site in their hostel!

I was further encouraged to venture into this new world, by some adults in another CG, who mentioned that they were actively involved in this world.

I logged in, and after my 1st poke, 1st egg, 1st vampire suck, and pitting my IQ with the countries of the world application - I can say that, I am hooked!

In the upcoming weeks, I will be going out with my long lost Sec. school mates, JC mates, and I even got a reunion with my University mates in the horizon.

For those of us in this revolution, check out the hiliarious parody in the video below!


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