Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Breakaway is Coming!

Calling all youths out there!

Guess what!!! The Breakaway camp is just 2 weeks away!!!

If you are looking for something different, something really fun and fulfilling, you got to sign up for this camp!

Camps are pages in your life that you will never forget. They are times, where u get to get to meet new people, enjoy the great outdoors, and soak in the presence of God!!!

Really Cool, if u ask me!

Personally, after organising quite a few camps, I still enjoy every one of them! As it is really a time where I really get to know my younger CG members better (after all, I am only a few years older!..hee..hee!)

But more importantly, it is also a time where God moves in a mighty way, and where members get a serious encounter with God! Dreams and visions are birthed, and many decide to to rise up as Cell Group Leaders!

In fact, many of the facilitators in this years' camp, used to be participants as well.

So, if u are going for this camp, or if u are going to sign up really soon, start believing!

Start Believing that after this camp, u are going to be mightily changed by God!


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