Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where is Nicole?!?

Everyone loves a routine and recently I have been a victim of it!

Yesterday, at 5pm, I made my way to Nicole’s school from my office.


I drove to the front gate, parked my car, and walked to her class.

I looked at the shoe rack…checking to see if she was in class or was she in the music room….

But her shoes were NOT there…hmm…maybe she wore a new pair of shoes today (I thought to myself)

I stepped into the patio of the classroom and begin to look for her bag at the usual shelves…

I saw the bags of her friends…but Nicole’s designated shelf was EMPTY! Her bag was NOT there at all!

Oh NO!…A sudden realization came to my mind…


I quickly retreated to my car…Thank God none of the teachers saw me…so Embarrassing…

Do these things happen to you too?!?

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brits got Talent - 10 year old Hollie Steel

The guys from Brits Have Talent have done it again!

Check out this 10 year old Ballerina!

What a great voice!

Need I say more...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Movie Review - Taken


Recently, I had a chance to catch the movie “Taken” with my wife and I loved it!

It’s about this father (Liam Neeson – who played Schindler in Schindler’s List), who is an Ex-CIA agent, trying to reconnect back with his teenage daughter, after a messy divorce.

Daughter decides to go backpacking in Europe despite his objections, and upon reaching Paris, she is kidnapped!

Now comes my favourite part!

Calm daddy, now becomes a vigilante cop who goes on the rampage to save his daughter kidnapped by the underworld.

In order to save his princess, Liam Neeson turns into James Bond and Rambo, all rolled into one!

He is definitely one angry Daddy, that you don’t want to mess with! 

liam neeson

If you love the action moves and sequences seen in the movie “Bourne Identity”, you will love the action in this movie.

As a daddy blogger who loves his children, I will rate this movie 4 stars out of 5. :)


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Building Creative Children

creative edited banner

Calling All Parents!

There is an interesting talk coming up, and it will be given by the Former RGS Principal at Expo Hall 8 this Saturday.

She is currently involved with Mind Champs and she will be advising parents on how to build creative children.

There is a registration fee of $5 and Places are LIMITED, so please register for the event.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Food at Old Airport Road

Nathan and Nicole love their food, and one of their favourite eating places in the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre.

old airport road

Nicole loves the spaghetti there and it is one of the cheapest in town, at only $5 a plate.

The other day, Nicole became inquisitive and started asking:

Nicole: “Where are we going to eat?”

Daddy: “Old Airport Road!”

When we reached the hawker centre at Old Airport Road

Nicole: “Daddy, this is not the airport? I want to go to NEW AIRPORT ROAD!”


Daddy: “Why Nicole? What is the difference between Old Airport Road and New Airport Road?”

Nicole: “New Airport Road has got aircon. Old Airport Road does not have!”

Haha…It is no wonder that they say that air-conditioning is the best thing that has happened to Singapore!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Britain's Got Talent - Shaheen Jafargholi

If you liked Susan Doyle in last week's "Brit's got Talent", then stay tuned!

This boy is touted as the next best competitor compared to Susan Doyle and they have one thing in common!

They both have cats!

His name is Shaheen Jafargholi and he is only 12 years old.

I still prefer 6 year old Connie Talbot who was from season 1. Still think nothing can beat her angelic voice!

David Beckham sells phones!

In it's latest bid to sell phones, Motorola has used David Beckham in their latest advertisement!

Hey! If you can't beat the market leader Nokia, call in the England Captain and his chiseled chest to push up sales.

Produced by Ogilvy London, this ad is based on the movie Terminator, and it is definitely something that David Beckham fans will like!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Changed my blackberry recently

Hi guys!

Forgot to update everybody that I have changed my Hp recently: from a Blackberry 9000 (Bold) to a Blackberry 8900 (Curve or Javelin).

blackberry curve 8900 javelin

The Bold was giving me heaps of problems and too unstable for me to rely on…so I changed!

Will blog more about the phone later on…

Anyway, the thing about changing your mobile, which i really hate is: transferring your phonebook.

First, you got to update your phonebook in the computer, and later u have to transfer it to the new phone.

Not exactly easy, when the Blackberry menu is kind of pathetic…they don’t really cover a lot of simple everyday things that u do (I learnt how to use my Blackberry via trial and error!)

But…Phonebooks can really be an asset or a real pain.

Don’t you hate it when you lose a contact, or I used to remember in the early days of mobile history…when changing your hp means manually keying in your phone book again….and u had to send SMSes to the whole world that you changed your mobile.

Anyway, here is a video by Natalie which really “hits the spot”. Don’t u hate it when someone SMSes you, and you don’t know who they are! Watch the video and u will know what i mean!

I am amazed by how this girl can just go on and on….but she is funny!!!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goggles for a 3yo

Nicole is so excited about swimming.

Her school just started swimming classes every monday and she gets to go swimming with all her friends.

She loves it!

And we just bought nicole her 1st pair of goggles!

She is one happy little girl!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Britain’s Got Talent – Susan Boyle

Guys…U have to watch this Video!

This women is the latest star from Britain’s got Talent!

(Watch the video first before you read the write-up to get the maximum impact from this video)


… Watch the video first! ….




Solid right! My Jaw was dropping when she hit the first note!!! It’s like Paul Potts over again.

At the moment, she has 12 million hits on YouTube and counting….

And check this out… Susan Doyle is a middle-aged church worker, has never had a boyfriend before, and never been kissed before. She lives alone with her cat!

After seeing her hair…her dressing…her mannerisms…Imagine the shock I had when she started singing!

I definitely did not think that she was going to be so Awesome!!!

It is amazing how Britain keeps on churning out these talents….Where do they hide them?!?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nadine is ONE

Nadine is ONE!


What a milestone for our little princess! She can stand unassisted, cruise along the sofa, and of course crawl and climb everywhere and anywhere. Now we’re just waiting for her first step and first word.


You know, she may be the youngest and smallest in the family, but she sure makes her presence known. We can hear her chuckles and squeals when she is happy, we all know when she wants her food cause she is screaming out loud! And when she is tired, you can hear a loud and clear yawn!

Well, to celebrate her birthday, we had a mini celebration with Gong Gong, Popo, Ee Ee & Family. And we forgot to take a picture with everyone! So here is a reduced version of just our family. (imagine, this was the best shot out of 20!)


So here’s wishing Nadine a very happy birthday! We love you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nathan ate the fork!

Plastic fork

One of the great things about my kids is that they eat very well.

We don’t have a problem with them eating too little or not eating at all. Of course, they do have their little ‘quirks’. In the sense, that they can be fussy about certain foods.

Nathan does not like bread and Nicole loves her spaghetti!

Recently, mummy had a scare with Nathan…

As she was busy feeding him in church, he bit off one of the ends of the plastic fork.

Mummy and a friend tried to take it out of his mouth, but unfortunately it was too late! ….it was already in his little tummy!

Good thing that it did not hurt when he went to the toilet the next day!

Looks like No more plastic forks for Nathan!!!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Christians & Tattoos?

truth tattoo

Can Christians have Tattoos?

Check out Ps. Kong’s timely exposition on this topic in his blog.

I think it is a very balanced approach to the subject, and it gives us the “extra edge” when we need to handle questions surrounding this topic.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

MCYS Family Advertisement

I don’t get to watch much TV, as during the prime hours of the night, I am properly at a meeting…

But recently, I went to my friends’ blog and there was a really good ad there made by the Ministry of Community Development. I think it is currently been “aired” on Prime Time TV in Singapore.

I was kind of skeptical about watching the ad at first, as most government ads are kind of boring and ‘stuffy’.

However, after watching the ad, I thought it was really quite funny and touching as well.

Quite a good portrayal of married life and an accurate reflection of the idiosyncrasies that we find in our partners.


Hope u liked it…

Btw, if u are thinking about your loved ones at the moment, do invite them down to the Singapore Expo and Jurong West this weekend.

I am sure that they will enjoy the drama production & it will definitely make the whole Easter Holiday more meaningful!


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Monday, April 6, 2009

We are featured on Young Parents!

young parents

In this month’s “Young Parents”, the Tay family had the chance to be featured in the magazine!

It is truly a great experience as we have never been featured before, and we were simply awed at the opportunity (even though the article is a short one, and we are only a sixth of that piece!).

The feature is about how to put your kids to sleep. This of course is something EVERY parent faces! For us, we have to get more creative each day as the kids seem to be increasing in energy as the days past.

Many thanks to our friend Rosemary for interviewing us as well! Do grab a copy to read more about us!


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Friday, April 3, 2009

My girl has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Last week, Nicole developed Ulcers in her mouth!

This was a real scare for us, as Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (HFMD) is a “Big thing” in Singapore.

What is HFMD?

HFMD is caused by the Coxsackie virus and Enterovirus 71. The throat and tonsils develop small ulcers while the hands, feet, and diaper area are affected by a rash with characteristic vesicles (very small blisters). This is usually a mild illness with the rash healing in 5 to 7 days.

Check out the picture of the symptoms below:

Hand foot mouth

Ok…No way was Nicole’s ulcers as gross, as in the picture above!

But she did have ulcers so we brought her to the GP. The doctor decided that she had to be quarantined at home.

Although we have seen the doctor, we were not very sure that Nic had HFMD, as she did not have all of the symptoms.

These are the symptoms that a GP would look out for:

  • fever
  • sore throat
  • ulcers in the throat, mouth and tongue
  • headache
  • a rash with vesicles (small blisters-- 3-7 mm) on hands, feet and diaper area. The vesicles are typically on the palm side of the hands the sole side of the feet and very characteristic in appearance
  • loss of appetite

Besides the sore throat and the ulcers in the mouth…Nic did not have a fever and she was still very active and had no loss of appetite.

We brought Nicole to the paediatrician for a 2nd opinion….and he came to the same conclusion…We were not very sure..

Anyway, for the safety of her friends. Nicole was kept away from school for a week.

But that also creates a problem for us, as Nicole has two siblings.

HFMD is dangerous as it spreads easily. And even adults can catch it!

How does it spread?

According to the Ministry of health, HFMD is spread from person to person by direct contact with the nasal discharge, saliva, faeces and fluid from the rash of an infected person. Both adults and children can be affected, but young children below five years are particularly susceptible.

In our minds, we were thinking….there is a high chance that Nathan and Nadine were going to catch it too!

Our Solution – Both grandmas volunteered to look after Nicole.

So from Mon to Wed – She went to my mum’s house.

& from Thur to Fri – She went to Jiahui’s mums’ house.

Well, Nicole really enjoyed herself the whole week, as she got a break from school, and she enjoyed her holiday with her two grandmas!

We also had to go back for a mandatory check with the doctor on Monday, and she was given a clean slate of health!

Nic is now back in school!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Postcard in the mail

Just received a Postcard in the Mail....

Wonder what it is all about?!? :)


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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prayer in City Harvest Church

This week, we are back at having our morning and evening prayer meetings, at various venues around the island.


It was good to wake up early in the morning again…though it was quite a struggle :)

It was also good to see some of my friends like Stanley and June there as well!

We prayed for Easter as it is next week. The church will be putting up a production, which is set in the future…I will definitely be inviting my parents and friends for it!


We prayed for Sun as well. She has just been discharged from the hospital, but she is still a bit weak and recovering at home. Check out the latest updates at Ps. Kong Hee’s Blog!

Hopefully, she will get well really soon!

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