Friday, April 24, 2009

Movie Review - Taken


Recently, I had a chance to catch the movie “Taken” with my wife and I loved it!

It’s about this father (Liam Neeson – who played Schindler in Schindler’s List), who is an Ex-CIA agent, trying to reconnect back with his teenage daughter, after a messy divorce.

Daughter decides to go backpacking in Europe despite his objections, and upon reaching Paris, she is kidnapped!

Now comes my favourite part!

Calm daddy, now becomes a vigilante cop who goes on the rampage to save his daughter kidnapped by the underworld.

In order to save his princess, Liam Neeson turns into James Bond and Rambo, all rolled into one!

He is definitely one angry Daddy, that you don’t want to mess with! 

liam neeson

If you love the action moves and sequences seen in the movie “Bourne Identity”, you will love the action in this movie.

As a daddy blogger who loves his children, I will rate this movie 4 stars out of 5. :)


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Jayme Shing said...

My sister just watched it too and she said its super super good! haha i am going to catch it soon after my exams!!! :)

Lucas said...

Yeah it's so good, i watched it last night after a long day but was so energized!!! haha had some trouble sleeping after. "i will find you n i will kill you.... good luck" i was on the edge when he entered the mob's place and took them all out...displays the father's love just in a rather violent way! awesome though!

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