Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nadine is ONE

Nadine is ONE!


What a milestone for our little princess! She can stand unassisted, cruise along the sofa, and of course crawl and climb everywhere and anywhere. Now we’re just waiting for her first step and first word.


You know, she may be the youngest and smallest in the family, but she sure makes her presence known. We can hear her chuckles and squeals when she is happy, we all know when she wants her food cause she is screaming out loud! And when she is tired, you can hear a loud and clear yawn!

Well, to celebrate her birthday, we had a mini celebration with Gong Gong, Popo, Ee Ee & Family. And we forgot to take a picture with everyone! So here is a reduced version of just our family. (imagine, this was the best shot out of 20!)


So here’s wishing Nadine a very happy birthday! We love you!


Jayme Shing said...

WOW!!! She looks so adorable in that cap! Brought a smile to my face! Happy Birthday Nadine!!! :)

Klessis said...

Is that a birthmark on Nadine's left shoulder? Joey has got a birth mark there too!

Happy birthday Nadine!

To ED: Very, you have 3 running off in different directions!!! wahahaha..

ED said...

ED - Klessis

Ya...that is a birthmark!

We are thinking of helping her remove it, when she gets older.

shachew said...

I lurf the hat she is wearing!!! So super cute... :)

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