Friday, July 31, 2009

City Harvest Church – 20th Anniversary

This weekend is going to be a busy one for all of us at City Harvest, as not only are we involved in the Festival of Praise, but we are also celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

city harvest 20years anniversary

It will be a great milestone for us…and we are all anticipating a great celebration!

In the last few years, we have gone through so many different trials, adventures and events …that it will be great to take a breather and see how God has blessed us in the last 2 decades.

Our last major event was the Celebrity weekend, where we celebrated the talents that we had in our midst.

It was great to see how celebrities could be used to give a voice to the gospel, and be a mouthpiece for God’s grace.

Here’s a video about the whole event:


Nicole also managed to get into the act as well.

She just loves being a princess, so I managed to let her take a photo with 1 of the Beauty Queens before we left Singapore Expo.

She was simply trilled to see the Beauty Queen in her tiara and her gown. IMG00204-20090613-2205

Thanks Celeste for the Kodak moment!

If you are free this weekend, join us at Singapore Indoor Stadium for the Nation’s Festival of Praise.

It will be on from Friday to Sunday at 730pm


You can join us for our 20th Anniversary Service at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday Morning at 9am or 1130am.

Seats are at a first come, first served basis.

It’s going to be really CROWDED!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Try out the new Mcdonald’s Sandwich

Recently we went past Mcdonald’s in town and we wanted to order one of our favourite burgers.

We love the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and it was back in only the Orchard Road/Town Outlets.

quarter pounder

However, when we got to the restaurant, we realized that they have discontinued the burger (probably to a lack of sustained response) and the introduction of a new sandwich.

Called the Le Grand Sandwich, it is a meaty beef sandwich, which looks like a quarter pound of meet, and filled with onions, tomatoes and lettuce.

le grand sandwich My wife and I both liked it, and if you happen to be in town, maybe you can try it out!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christianity and PostModernism

The 1st time when I saw the word Postmodernism…I was going like…Se Mi lai aa?!? (Colloquial for What is it?!?)

I remember when I was young, whenever I found a word that I did not understand, my mum would say:

“Go and check the Dictionary!”


Gone are the days when I need to go to the bookshelf and lug out the dictionary to discover a new word…

But today due to Modern Technology…We “Google it” and the answer is at our fingertips!

It’s so much easier for a lazy person like me!

With regards to Postmodernism and Modernism, you should check out Pastor Kong Hee’s Blog and discover his exposition on this issue!

He gives a good exposition on this issue and states how City Harvest Church should relate to Postmodernism.

Upon reflection, I am sure that you will realize that Postmodernism has crept into our society, and that all of us can relate to it!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Canon Selphy Connections Blog Contest – I Won!!!

Thank you for all your votes!!!

canon selphy cover

It is now official – ED Unloaded has won the Canon Selphy Connections Competition

selphy connections results

Many Thanks for all your Votes as now I am a proud owner of a Canon Ixus 95 and Canon Seply CP780 Photo Printer.

You can check out my entry for the Canon Competition here!

All you readers really made a difference, and your confidence in me is a real blessing! :)

Frankly, I wasn’t very sure that I would win, as all the entries from my competitors were very good as well. I particularly liked the one by Andy Storm, as I think he put a lot of hard work into his graphics! :P

Also..Many thanks to OMY for giving me a chance to join this contest. IMG_0383

I got to meet the manager for OMY at the photo shoot, and he even has a blog as well! How cool is that!

Here’s a picture with me and his partner.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cheap Milk Powder for Toddlers

Baby and Toddler’s Milk Power is really expensive, and so I am always looking out for good bargains!

Do I stick to a particular brand?

The kids all grew up on Mamil Gold, but to tell you the truth…I have no loyalties.

mamil all

I am a real Singaporean, and I fill up all the forms in Parenting Magazines for FREE SAMPLES, and the kids have also tried almost all the Brands! (Except China Brands…for obvious reasons)

In fact, after the age of 2, we start them on Cow’s milk and normal powdered milk. From what I read, the Caucasians start them on normal powdered milk from an even earlier age.

fernleaf 1plus N

Last night, I just bought a few packets of “Fernleaf” from NTUC, as it was on Sale!

We  always go for what’s cheap…and when there is a sale…We buy and stock up at home!

This is definitely a necessity, as the kids can finish a 1.5kg can in a week!

Every can that they finish…Daddy’s wallet feels the pain!!!

But there is GOOD NEWS!

Just received this advertisement from my wife!

Mamil is giving a:

Buy 1 Can & Get 1 FREE Offer!


It is on this weekend at Selected outlets from 2 to 6pm.

Offer is limited to 1 redemption per customer and only for 1st 80 customers!

It sounds too Good to be true!!!

Click on the link for more details…

I think it is definitely a good time to stock up!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kidz Amaze – Childrens’ Playground

Have you guys been to the Biggest Playground in Singapore?

Recently, we went with our friends to Kidz Amaze at SAFRA Jurong!


It is the Biggest Playground in Singapore with a 3 storey Maze and equipped with fun slides as well!

The kids loved it and the maze is super tiring.

What made it more tiring for me was Nathan did not want to do it alone! I had to climb through the various obstacles and go up and down the ramps together with him.

This maze is similar to the ones founds at Go Go Bambini or in City Harvest Church – except over here, we have 3 storeys of it!

Here are some photos of the place (Sorry, but did not bring my Camera with me, and these shots are taken with my Blackberry)





The last shot is taken from the 3rd floor of the structure.

The structure is actually quite immense, and I was frankly quite blown away with its size when i entered the playground.

The maze is also filled with a lot of Air powered Guns which shoots out balls. However,the sounds of the guns were a bit intimidating when I first entered the place.

Overall, the kids really enjoyed themselves, and the Daddies liked it too – as the 3 storey slides are really fun, and scary even for a adult!

Monday, July 20, 2009

America’s Got Talent

Just went onto YouTube and I realized that America’s Got Talent has just started a new season!


Here are some interesting finds:

I thought that these 3 girls were really Good! And with them singing a Michael Jackson Song…I think it is a really good choice…Considering all that has happened…

Thei Megia, a 14 yo, with a big voice was also impressive…I think she can win Singapore Idol anytime!


However, overall…I think the present season does not seem to be as interesting as “The Brit’s got Talent!”

We all remember Susan Boyle, Flawless & Diversity…and they definitely had more touching auditions.

In fact, I think the producers tried to copy the same recipe with the current season of America’s Got Talent. Just check out this act below:


I have nothing against Kari and I think that she deserves her shot at stardom! But in terms of packaging by the producers of the show…It feels like the Americans are trying too hard!…What do u guys think?!?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Win a Canon Ixus 95 Camera

Submit your particulars and stand a chance to win a Canon Ixus 95 Camera and the Canon Selphy 780 Photo Printer! Click to Vote Here!


That’s right! It is so Simple!

Don’t miss out on your chance on winning these Great Canon Items, just by voting for YOURS TRULY :)

The competition closes on 19 July at 2359hours (which is this Sunday), so let’s keep our fingers crossed…so that we can all get our hands onto the new Canon Camera! Vote Today!


Ps. Kong Hee is in the News

I think that it’s great that Pastor Kong Hee is so high tech, and always trying out new things!

Since he got onto Twitter and Facebook, we have seen him communicating with the congregation via this medium as well.

It was just featured in The Straits Times.

Check out the article below:

Tweet! It's your pastor

A few churches are using Twitter and Facebook to connect with their flocks

When City Harvest Church member Vanessa Sng needed spiritual advice, she did not just pray - she tweeted. Moments later, there it was: 'It is the work of God!' tweeted back her pastor Kong Hee (left). -- PHOTO: CITY HARVEST CHURCH

WHEN City Harvest Church member Vanessa Sng needed spiritual advice, she did not just pray - she tweeted.

Moments later, there it was: 'It is the work of God!' tweeted back her pastor Kong Hee. Like most young Singaporeans today, the 20-year-old student uses Twitter, a micro-blogging service that sends short messages, or 'tweets', to other users online.

Followers tend to be friends and family, but these days, churches are taking to tweeting too.

The phenomenon has gained momentum especially in the United States, where during 'Twitter Sundays', congregation members are asked to tweet questions about the sermon for discussion afterwards.

But the online service is still in its infancy among churches here. A check on Twitter's website found four with active accounts, set up as recently as two months ago. The churches - City Harvest Church, New Creation Church, Heart of God Church and Hope Church Singapore - use it to share short biblical quotations and activity listings once or twice a week.

And the online gospel is going further. A search on social networking site Facebook, which first introduced its popular 'wall', 'poke' and 'tag' features in 2004, turned up 67 profiles of Christian churches here. About a third were set up only this year.

The number of people following the churches' Facebook and Twitter profiles online were a fraction of its real-life followers.

City Harvest Church, with 25,000 members, had 4,469 friends on Facebook and 1,359 followers on Twitter yesterday. Most were under 30 years old.

Pastor Seow How San of Heart of God Church in Eunos said Twitter enabled him to be a better caregiver to his congregation. Since the church began tweeting in May, nearly 800 of its 1,400 believers have signed up to listen - and tweet back.

'It was a conscious effort to get people to use it,' he said. 'As pastor, I need to know how people are feeling. Now I know how they feel, how they think, even what they do, eat and drink. Having Twitter really helps if you have a big church.'

Read the full story in Friday's edition of The Straits Times.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movie Review – Ice Age 3

Recently, upon the recommendation of a friend, we decided to bring the kids to watch Ice Age 3

ice age 3

I did not watch Part 1 or 2, but we were quite keen on checking it out in 3D.

The last time I heard about 3D shows was that you had to go down to the Science Centre and watch it at the Omnimax. However, 3D movies are now available at your local cinemas like AMK Hub.

As a result, we brought the kids down to town to catch the show. Tickets were priced at $13/ticket on a Sunday.

I actually bought a ticket for Nathan, but if u are bringing a kid who is under 3, don’t waste your money! He did not want to wear the glasses after 5 minutes, and was busy walking around the aisle soon after.

3d glasses

The 3D feature that comes with the movie is actually quite cool, as the Dinosaurs look like they are really jumping off the screen, and it adds a different flavour to the show!

Nathan watched it without the glasses – as a result, some of the scenes will look normal, but in other scenes, u will see a figure having 2 or 3 outlines.

Mummy was worried about his eyes…and tried to get him to wear his glasses!

However, the glasses were really heavy, and he doesn’t like them at all! In fact, even Daddy and Mummy found them heavy! After a while, we were holding on to the frames as well, to lighten the load on our noses!

Overall, the movie was funny, as the animation was very tastefully done!

Here is a spoof of their animation!


My Rating – 3 out of 5.

Watch it for the Kids!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SingTel RedPAC Supplementary Plan

Nicole has been wanting to use the phone a lot lately, as she always wants to talk to Mummy, Daddy, Auntie Weng, Gong Gong, Popo, Grandpa, Grandma….ok..I think you get the point…!!!

own phone

Just this week, as we passed by the SingTel shop at Bugis, I was stopped by their eye catching ads!

One of their new plans that really caught my eye was the SingTel RedPAC Supplementary Plan!

First of all…Why SingTel?

Well, my whole family is on SingTel, and it is the most reliable network around! (Tried the rest, and have gone back for the BEST!)  singtel redpac

2ndly, if i want to get my daughter a phone, I do want to waste unnecessary money for a phone line which is not used extensively.

Daddy & Mummy are both currently on SingTel’s mobile plans, and we do have some unused talk time at the end of the month.

At only $8.56/month (UP $10.70), I get to share my unused talk time with my daughter.

What’s more…when I sign on for the RedPAC supplementary plan, Nicole gets to talk for up to 1000 free mins with Daddy without me worrying about the increased cost! Awesome right!!!

thumbs up

SingTel has also put some thought into this plan, as when Nathan and Nadine are of age, I can also sign them up for the plan as well! SingTel has made provision for up to 3 RedPAC lines for each main line!

I think Nicole’s line will definitely be put to good use especially when she goes for ballet classes, and when daddy or mummy is late. We can always call her or she can call us when there is an emergency!

Here are some simple facts about SinTel’s RedPAC plan:

  1. 1,000 minutes of FREE calls between you and each RedPAC line (Translate to $160.50 of free calls)
  2. Additional FREE 150 SMS to any mobile number
  3. FREE in-coming calls for your RedPAC line(s)
  4. FREE 3-month Caller-ID for your RedPAC line(s)
  5. Add up to 3 RedPAC lines for each main mobile line

It’s amazing what modern technology can do, and the number of new things we have to learn as parents. Soon, i will need to teach her about phone etiquette…How we should put our handphones to silent mode in the movie theatres…and of course talking loudly is a big No..No!!!

But most importantly, the cost of using a handphone!

I can’t have her making unauthorized calls halfway across the world, or voting for her favourite artist without my permission.

Furthermore, I will also need to teach her, that she can only reveal her number to trusted individuals…One just has got to be careful in today’s society!

I think, It’s going to be a steep learning curve for all of us! :P


Btw, if you sign up for the RedPAC supplementary plan from now till 31 August 2009, you will stand a chance to win Bay Grandstand tickets to the FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX for a family of 4 worth $1192.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cheap cakes at Bakerzin!

If you are looking for birthday cakes, u got to try out this promo:


That’s RIGHT!

We passed by Bakerzin at Wisma Atria today, and they were selling their cakes at a 60% discount! This promotion is for the whole month of July!

We are invited to a gathering at a friend’s house this week, and this seems like a perfect dessert to bring to our friend’s house!

Nicole & Nathan were in love with the chocolate cake when they saw it, and they just can’t wait to sink their teeth into the cake!

we love chocolate cake

Looks like the Great Singapore Sale is moving into Cakes as well! :P

Friday, July 10, 2009

Michael Jackson’s Ghost spotted at Neverland!


Last week, we experienced the tragic passing of a Pop Icon Michael Jackson.

I have been singing and watching his videos as a teen, and I even went to his sell-out concert at the National Stadium. I remember going there at 4pm for seats when the show started at only 8pm.

I remember watching his “Beat it” and “Billie Jean” videos over and over again on MTV…What a phenomenal dancer and talent!

However, controversy seems to surround him even in his death, as there is a rumour his ghost was being spotted at his Neverland Ranch.

When a friend pointed out the video to me…I was going like “Get out of here!”….If u have not seen the video…Check it out here…


I hope that you really did not think that the video was real!

Well, before calling out the Ghostbusters…Here is CNN answering the story about the Michael Jackson Ghost…

So…there was actually no story at all…it was just one of the crew walking around and casting shadows…

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nathan and his Guitar!

Nathan really loves his Guitar!

Every morning, he will get us to turn on the DVD player, and he will put in the church DVD.

As the music starts, he will take out his violin, and pretend it’s a guitar, and Sing “Breakaway…” along with the DVD.

nathan guitar

Besides being in love with his guitar, he also makes use of Daddy’s guitar rack as well.

Just recently, as I picked up my guitar for some practice, the guitar rack was empty.

Little Nathan jumped at the “OPPORTUNITY!”

He quickly put his violin in the rack and smiled at me!!!

guitar  I hope the picture fully explains what I mean!

Before I go, check out the video of Nathan the worship leader!!!

He leads with hands in the air, and even gets his sisters to sing along! :P

Btw, this is also my 1st project using Windows Movie Maker…it’s really very simple to use!

And don’t forget to VOTE for the Canon Ixus 95, if u have not done so!!!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birthday Month Roundup

The month of June was a very eventful month for the Tay Family.

This was because Mummy’s Birthday was on the 18th of June, and Daddy and Nicole’s Birthday was on the 19th of June!


We were very blessed by all your presents and we really want to appreciate everyone out there, for making it such a great month for all of us!

We enjoyed all the birthday celebrations and also the numerous SMSes that we received on our SPECIAL DAY!

Thanks for all your support and for also making our 1st Decentralized services on Sunday such a successful event!

It was truly an invaluable experience!

Btw, some of you have been asking me about the Canon Competition.


You can still VOTE for Yours Truly as the Competition ends on July 19, 2009. So, you can still win a Canon Ixus 95, when you submit a vote….so don’t hesitate and keep on VOTING! (Find out more here)


Click here if you want to VOTE & WIN!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kenko Fish Spa

During our Birthdays, we went to the Kenko Fish Spa at the Singapore Flyer. (Thanks to N149 and Jenny!)


We heard so much about it, that we wanted to try the fish spa for ourselves!

Before going in, we had to wash our legs first (Maybe they thought that the algae on our feet would kill the fish or something :P)

We also had to put a plaster on all our open wounds, so that the fish will not have a go at it!

After that…we rolled up our jeans…and we let mother nature have a nibble on our toes!


Check out my leg hair….my wife says it’s gross!

But…of course, i think i will have the last laugh…the fishes go after dead skin….so check out which leg has got more fishes!

fish legs

I call it…Like bees to honey!!! :P

Well, the health benefit of the whole exercise is that the fish are supposed to eat your dead skin…and leave your legs with softer healthier looking skin!

Btw, our legs did feel smoother after that!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday Party at School (Part 2)

For any party to be successful…You just need 3 essential Ingredients:

yummy food

1) McDonald’s French Fries

2) McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets

3) Potato Chips

We had sandwiches as well, but these were the top 3 most requested items for Nicole and definitely Must Haves for her party.

As you can see….they all wanted MORE!!!

party foodNathan and Nadine were there to celebrate the birthday as well….As usual…they were too busy to talk :P




Nicole could not decide on what type of cake she wanted for her birthday….First it was a Princess, then it became a Dora…soon it was Strawberry Shortcake…but we decided on finally….

A Barbie doll Agar Agar Cake!


Her whole skirt is made of agar agar (Jelly) and here is Barbie without her dress!



This is Nicole’s Boyfriend at the point of writing this post! (This is because, her BF changes from week to week!)

The little girl was so happy…she just kept on posing for us! She definitely loves PARTIES!


Check out the video below for the Birthday Celebrations!

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