Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movie Review – Ice Age 3

Recently, upon the recommendation of a friend, we decided to bring the kids to watch Ice Age 3

ice age 3

I did not watch Part 1 or 2, but we were quite keen on checking it out in 3D.

The last time I heard about 3D shows was that you had to go down to the Science Centre and watch it at the Omnimax. However, 3D movies are now available at your local cinemas like AMK Hub.

As a result, we brought the kids down to town to catch the show. Tickets were priced at $13/ticket on a Sunday.

I actually bought a ticket for Nathan, but if u are bringing a kid who is under 3, don’t waste your money! He did not want to wear the glasses after 5 minutes, and was busy walking around the aisle soon after.

3d glasses

The 3D feature that comes with the movie is actually quite cool, as the Dinosaurs look like they are really jumping off the screen, and it adds a different flavour to the show!

Nathan watched it without the glasses – as a result, some of the scenes will look normal, but in other scenes, u will see a figure having 2 or 3 outlines.

Mummy was worried about his eyes…and tried to get him to wear his glasses!

However, the glasses were really heavy, and he doesn’t like them at all! In fact, even Daddy and Mummy found them heavy! After a while, we were holding on to the frames as well, to lighten the load on our noses!

Overall, the movie was funny, as the animation was very tastefully done!

Here is a spoof of their animation!


My Rating – 3 out of 5.

Watch it for the Kids!

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Matt Gorden said...

Love the movie. If you can suspend reason and accept the fact that there is a world under the ice it is great.

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