Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cheap cakes at Bakerzin!

If you are looking for birthday cakes, u got to try out this promo:


That’s RIGHT!

We passed by Bakerzin at Wisma Atria today, and they were selling their cakes at a 60% discount! This promotion is for the whole month of July!

We are invited to a gathering at a friend’s house this week, and this seems like a perfect dessert to bring to our friend’s house!

Nicole & Nathan were in love with the chocolate cake when they saw it, and they just can’t wait to sink their teeth into the cake!

we love chocolate cake

Looks like the Great Singapore Sale is moving into Cakes as well! :P


Gwen said...

I love Bakerzin cakes!!! Must seize the moment and buy as many cakes as possible, haha.

cendrine said...

Oooh I love cakes from bakerzin esp their cheesecake. This promo is good :D

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