Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birthday Month Roundup

The month of June was a very eventful month for the Tay Family.

This was because Mummy’s Birthday was on the 18th of June, and Daddy and Nicole’s Birthday was on the 19th of June!


We were very blessed by all your presents and we really want to appreciate everyone out there, for making it such a great month for all of us!

We enjoyed all the birthday celebrations and also the numerous SMSes that we received on our SPECIAL DAY!

Thanks for all your support and for also making our 1st Decentralized services on Sunday such a successful event!

It was truly an invaluable experience!

Btw, some of you have been asking me about the Canon Competition.


You can still VOTE for Yours Truly as the Competition ends on July 19, 2009. So, you can still win a Canon Ixus 95, when you submit a vote….so don’t hesitate and keep on VOTING! (Find out more here)


Click here if you want to VOTE & WIN!


Ashley said...

wow u guys birthday are so near to each other. Amazing!

ED said...

ED - Ashley

Yes! :) Fortunate coincidence. Thanks for dropping by

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