Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Win A Canon IXUS 95 & Selphy 780!

Get ready for a shameless post, as I need all your SUPPORT!

Many readers have commented that the photos for Jurong Bird Park using the Canon Ixus 95 have turned out really well!

win Canon ixus 95

If u guys want to win a Canon Ixus 95 and a Canon Selphy 780, Do vote for me!

Your vote will not only help me win the Canon Popular Choice Award. It will give you a chance to be the Lucky Voter and WIN the CAMERA AND PRINTER TOO!

Canon Selphy Contest 1

1) Start by clicking on this link

2) Click on Vote

3) Click on Yours Truly and vote for Edmund Tay

canon voting finalist

4) Fill in your Personal Details and you are in the race to win the Camera and Printer for yourself! 

Canon choice award 1

Get your friends and family members to vote! It adds to your chance too! :)

Many thanks in advance for your Votes and Support!


Shi Ying said...

Voted for you! I got Jiahao and my 3 other siblings to vote too! :)

Klessis said...

I just voted for you! :)

Shilin said...

Voted! :)

ED said...

Many thanks to Shing, Klessis and Shilin!

Hann Hann said...

Can only vote for one person??

aiyoh. my fav blogging uncles (you included) are all in this contest leh. who should I vote for siah...

can vote more than one or not?

ER said...

Voted! laughed about the 'shameless' part. always follow your blog Bro Ed! hoping for your victory! :)

ED said...

ED - Hann Hann

I think can vote more than once, as it does not reject double entries.


Many thanks for your Vote!

del said...

Voted too! :)

I think they really found the right person(YOU!) to promote about the cam and the printer!!

The entry is so well-written! Really showed me the power of Public Relation! :)

Amber said...

Hmm I getting all sot students to vote for you too! so does it add alot alot to my chance? Even dorcas whole family voted...

ED said...


Yes...As long as they can confirm that they voted!

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