Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things to do during the June Holidays

The June holidays has been really exciting for the kids!

We were given complimentary tickets to the “Little Big Club” at Singapore Expo, and the kids had a blast!

Nicole was terribly excited and we took many photos with my Canon Ixus 95.

Canon ixus 95

Nicole was on her best behaviour, and was more than ready to pose for the camera. :)



For those who are asking what is the “Little Big Club” about, it is basically just a live show involving a few cartoon characters. Of couse, we had 2 famous Cartoon stars anchoring the production, and it was Barney and Bob the builder.

Check out the photos that I took with my Canon Ixus:


Check out the dynamic optical cum digital zoom. I utilized these functions to get a close-up on Barney! :) A Thumbs up to my little pink camera!


What was the most exciting part of the show?!?

It was when we sang the theme song of “Bob the Builder” together and when we sang “YES, WE CAN!” at the top of our voices.

Maybe, that’s where Obama got his slogan from :)

If u thought that many Singaporeans are a bit tight during the economic recession, and can’t really afford to buy tickets for the show. I beg to differ….Children’s programs are BIG MONEY!!!



Shaun said...

How's the Ixus 95 so far? Is this your only canon? Take more sample pics!

ED said...

It's great. Good for a budget camera.

More pictures will be coming up, as I got to submit a post for the Canon competition which requires people to vote for my entry.

Your vote is greatly appreciated :)

Edwin said...

I was working there as an usher!

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