Monday, June 1, 2009

Sun Ho is on 8 Days

I just went out and guess who I saw on the latest cover of 8 Days!

sun ho 8 days

WIth a 9 page interview on Ho Yeow Sun, this week’s 8 days, gave me a chance to catch up with Sun.

With questions ranging from how she started off, life in NY, and her hopes and aspirations…this is not an issue to be missed!

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cendrine said...

I almost couldn't recogn Sun on this cover. Thanks for informing. :)

Marc said...

Hey Ed, yup, I really love the 9 pages interview 8days had with Sun, I hope this will let Singapore know who Sun really is. Have you bought the latest copy of iWeekly then? Sun is on the cover this week. Wonder which magazine next! LOL.

ED said...

Ya....Really exciting!

2 write ups about Sun in the space of 2 weeks.
Amazing isn't it

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