Monday, June 15, 2009

ET Zone – Youth Camp

This June Holidays is going to be really exciting! The much anticipated Youth Camp is coming…..

ET CastAway - The Camp Edition Promo Card

Entitled “Castaway”, islanders will be “stuck” on St. John’s Island for 3 Days 2 Nights to battle their wits against each other.

From this 25-27th June 2009, prepare to be stretched, tested, encouraged and revitalized, as you make many new friends and new challenges in the Camp of the Century.

Check out the trailer done by Joshua below:

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cendrine said...

Hey, so how's yr weekend ?
Hmm...this cast away camp sounds interesting. But why St John island? *curious*

ED said...

Great...We had a celebrity weekend with lotes of stars in town!

Taiwan groups like FIR and Vaness from F4 were there to perform.

St John's Island - just wanted to try something different. We have been using a school for the last 2 years!

Tks for dropping by!

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