Friday, June 12, 2009

Best Physics Teacher in the World

Ever heard of a Physics teacher being a Superstar?!?

Well, there is a teacher from MIT, who is known as a Superstar Professor due to the revolutionary methods he uses to impart knowledge to his students.

walter lewin

I remember I hated my Physic/Chemistry teacher in school, as he was always coming to school half drunk and he was a really boring teacher.

From what I watched on Youtube, Walter Levin seems very different – and he even has the Einstein hairstyle to increase his persona! :)

Anyway, great teachers and Leaders such as Ron Clark (This guy was even featured on Oprah), Lee Kuan Yew and Ps. Kong, are really a hard to find…and we should always treasure them!

Enjoy the Video :)


Anonymous said...

He looks like a great teacher

alexis said...

how i wish my teacher could be like him. i don't mind having such a funny physic teacher, just make the class more lively ^^

torance, said...


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