Friday, June 5, 2009

Win a Free Canon Ixus 95 Camera

I am so excited!!!

Just came back from a workshop at the Canon Head Office in Harbor Front, and I have been given a chance to try out the latest Canon Camera and Photo Printer!

Canon ixus 95

Besides coming in Cool “Shocking Pink”, the Canon Ixus 95 and the Canon Selphy CP 780, is proving to be potent combination for any Parent!

How good are they?

Stay tuned, as I will be blogging about them this weekend, as I will using the camera & printer, on my excursion at the Jurong Bird Park!

Meanwhile, I will also need your help, as there will be voting phase to this competition…and the Great News is that they will pick:

1 lucky Voter…

To win the Camera and Printer too!

So…Stay tuned!

Btw, Many thanks to OMYsg, for giving me a chance to participate in this competition! :) Tks Alvin


nat said...

Oh Gosh!! The printer and camera looks so cool!! And nice!
Yeah!! Jia You Bro Ed!

Klessis said...

cool cool cool!!!

San said...

Oooo! Nice! :) Have fun with the hot pink camera, man!

IcyKing said...

Wow.. so cool!

I remember using it during Harvest House Fair.. The printing quality is really good =)

and hot pink for a camera and printer?
It doesn't get any cooler than that! Haha..

wheregotfree said...

Nice! I have always been a Ixus fan, would really like to win them!

ANdyStorm said...

Hello! You got a nice blog too!

ED said...

Thanks for all your support guys!

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