Monday, June 8, 2009

Free Studio Photos

Recently, at one of the fairs held in Expo, we gave away Free Studio Photos to our friends and relatives. Many thanks to people like, Joseph, David, Joycelyn, Delphine, Santy, Sandy, Lester and many more (Sorry, if i did not get to mention everyone) for helping to run the booth.

U guys made the booth “Rock” and also special thanks to graphic designers like Edwin and Hong Xiang for designing the posters and really working through the night. Although it was a rush job… thanks for producing this poster in 24 hours.


Anyway, we took some family photos, and here are some of the shots!


As u can imagine, it takes ages to get a good shot of all the kids, as they are always looking all over the place!

There is no secret – just take as many shots as possible!

Weng our helper also took photos with them as well. We told her to take as many as possible, so that she can show her Canadian Employers what our family looks like!

We don’t know when she is leaving yet, as it takes ages to get approval from the Canadian Embassey.


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Jerb said...

I love your family potrait! The kids are oozing with cuteness!

Jayme Shing said...

Really think that your family potrait is vvvvv nice!!! so heart warming!!! :)

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