Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little Flower Girl

We are so proud of Nicole!

On Monday, she was invited to become a flower girl at our friend's wedding - and she made a successful debut as a flower girl.

Throughout the whole week, we have been gearing her up for the event. We have been telling her that she is going to become a princess!

So Mummy brought her out to buy a princess dress, which she helped to choose. After that, we went to look for a princess shoes. We could not really find one, so we told her that we will get it another day - Nic was so excited about the shoes that she kept on reminding us everyday. She will say, "Can we go and buy my princess shoes?"

On the Saturday before the wedding, I brought her to attend another wedding. At the wedding, I explained to her the role of a flower girl, and I made sure that she could see the flower girl walking down the aisle.

I asked Nic, "Do u want to be a flower girl?" She replied emphatically, "YES!" Looks like she bought my sales pitch! :)

On the Monday itself, I was stuck at a prayer retreat (I will blog about this tomorrow). So mummy brought her to buy the shoes, and to the wedding. Mummy brought her to see me, before they left for the wedding. Here's a picture of our little princess in the car.

At the wedding rehearsal, mummy was worried. She did not seem like she was going to make it. Will she make it down the aisle? Negative thoughts flooded her mind!

Just before curtain call. Standing in front of the bride, Nicole said, "Mummy, I want to go to the toilet?" Oh No! No time already! Is this just stage fright?

Mummy asked Nic again. "Do you need to go now?" Nic replied, "No need!" Sigh of relief!

As the door opened, bubbles were flying everywhere. Loud cheers were being dished out by the enthusiastic crowd. Brave Nic marched down the aisle. I think she was very stressed as the poor little girl forgot to smile (On the video, she is 2nd to go down the aisle)

Nic is so happy with her success. She watched the video of herself at least 10 times. In the video, u can catch her friend dylan as well!


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