Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SMS - Text Messaging Beyond the ordinary me

Imagine a new message comes in on your HP and u see this:


CU L8r @ *$ k?


My reaction - "What on earth is this?"

My wife's - "Is your friend being vulgar?"

If this is how u SMS, Congratulations! U are part of the millennium generation!

For the rest of us, u are probably born in a time when there was NKOTB, Westlife and 'Smash Hits' was part of your weekly diet.

Being in a nation where mobile phones have at least 95% penetration, SMS messaging or "Texting" is part of our everyday lifestyle.

But who would have guessed how SMSing can morph into something filled with various short forms.

Just the other day, I asked my youth - What is TPY? (Toa Payoh)

Another one that confused me initially:

Meet u later at PS? (My initial thought - P.S? - is that Pang Sai?)

Man...there are just so many short forms...& it's getting harder to keep up.

As an Aspiring Youth Pastor & at the same time, needing to stay relevant for my children, here are some other important acronyms that I picked up the past week.

1. POS (Parents Over Shoulder) - so must be discreet

2. PAL (Parents are Listening) - so I am going to lie rite now

3. P911 (Parents Alert) - Better be careful!

In case you were wondering, what is:


CU L8r @ *$ k?


It means - See you later at Starbucks, ok?


fingertalks said...

wow congrats for your Blog Award!
keep up the good work!

Chuck said...

It bothers me to the core that Starbucks has graduated to text speak. I'm not entirely sure why, but it does. Nice post. I never would have guessed it (FWIW, I'm no good at deciphering license plate speak either).

Great site!

San said...

Unbelievably - I could read & understand that convulated sms! Haha... I know someone (in Sec school) who, over MSN, writes "iie" for "I" and "ue" for "you". Trick is to read quick and think of the FIRST thing that comes to mind!

ED said...

ED - Fingertalks drop by again!

ED said...

Ed - San

Wow...u very smart lei...that's why u are the scrabble queen

San said...

LOL... "Scrabble Queen"... Nah - far from it! It's just practice does make perfect for such SMSes! Haha!

Ronnie said...

Time to meet our (not) generation. ^^,

Btw, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Ed.


shanewei said...

I can decipher CU L8R @ but i didn't know *$k = starbucks.. haha, your friend is indeed living in this century. i better start learning these abbreviations in case Shane starts messaging me in encrypted language!! :)

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