Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blog - Collages with Photoscape & Scrapbook Flair

Quite recently, a few of the readers have been asking me how I managed to get the collages going.

For those of us who are "Photoshop" dummies, the good news is that there are freeware programs to help you post nice collages without much technical knowledge.

For example: Do this earlier collage regarding Nathan's Chicken Pox

chicken pox collage

I managed to this collage easily through programs such as Photoscape and Scrapbook Flair.

Basically, these programs have templates in the program, where you don't really need to know how to layer (Photoshop) and basic enough for computer dummies like myself.


Photoscape - On the right, u can see the basic photo templates available. With a basic drag and drop function, making a collage is really simple.

Scrapbook Flair -  Basically both the programs (Photoscape & Scrapbook Flair) can stand alone. But I decided to merge what I have done in "Photoscape" and I added the blue texture background, in the  "Do I have Chicken Pox" graphic.

Scrapbook flair provides a lot of great backgrounds, and embellishments, which I used for Nicole's cookie making post. 

scrapbook FlairThe program provides basic templates and allows free play as well - as the software gives you a clean empty surface to exercise your creativity.

If you haven't tried both the programs before, you should give it a try. It's definitely a lot of fun.


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la bellina mammina said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing this! I just finished the Basic Scrapbooking course with Laine's and am doing the masters and am thinking of enrolling for the Digital Scrapbook course. Looks like fun!

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