Saturday, March 15, 2008

How can this be Chicken Pox?!?!?!

It started with 3 spots at the side of his forehead, then another 3 across his chest, then 3 on his right arm...

We found it a little strange. But Nathan was still his usual self. That was Friday night.

On Monday, he started having a fever in mid-day. It was about 38 degrees. By 8 p.m., it went up to 39.4 degrees. He was cranky, and also a little restless. We started to give him luke-warm bath in our room.

(From experience, we learnt a feverish child hates baths. So the bath tub goes in front of the TV, they get the treat of watching cartoons, while we try to give him/her a bath.)

Ohh... it was still a tough job. Imagine 2 adults, 1 struggling toddler, AND another "I-wanna-help" toddler (Nicole). It was quite a scene.

Well, the temperature didn't drop. After 3 baths (over a period of 3 hours), and 2 doses of fever medication, we decided we better bring him to see a doctor. At that hour (past 11 p.m.), there was only the A & E department to go to. We went to Mt A, which was nearby (and didn't cost too much!).

This was what happened:

1. Staff nurse checked him first. Upon seeing the spots (or rather, glancing at them), he concluded, "It's Chicken Pox!"

2. We were immediately assigned to another room, away from everyone. Kept in isolation.

3. The doctor came. He put on a mask, gloves and wore the yellow protective covering. I felt like we were back to SARS days!

4. Looked at Nathan, patted his spots and said, "Yes, it's Chicken Pox"

5. I tried arguing that the spots were FLAT, no bubble. He said "the bubbles will appear soon".

6. Prescribed a $80 bottle of medication that's Anti-Chicken Pox Virus. Supposedly will speed up recovery process.

7. Gave specific instructions that fever will remain. Just keep sponging!

Well, who ever argues with a doctor? Even though deep deep down, we totally disagreed with him. We went home, faithfully gave the $80 medication, monitored his temperature, sponged a few more times. Decided to wake up early the next day, and go see our regular Pedaetrician.

To cut the long story short, our regular PD saw him, took a torch to scrutinise the spots, and concluded, "it's definitely NOT chicken pox!" ?!?!?!?!?!? Well, Nathan just caught a viral rash, which causes fever. We were told to watch his fever, which should go down soon, and was given anti-biotics.

Well, the next day, Nathan's fever totally subsided, and he broke up into rashes ALL OVER his body. He could have been a poster boy for the Infectious Disease Department. We went to see the doctor again, and he was diagnosed with False Measles or Roseola. Totally harmless, just a viral rash which affects children under 3 years old.

Today, Nathan still has some spots. But otherwise, he's back to his active self. We really wanna thank God for healing, for wisdom and discernment. Can you imagine if we continued with that $80 medication for something he didn't have?

CHEAP SALE: Anyone wants to buy anti-Chicken Pox virus medication? Only 8ml used!

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Anonymous said...

Tk God it's not chicken pox :) hope ur boy feels better, kid in my family has had fake measles too, they will go away in a few days' time :D

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