Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What happens if u are forced to have only 1 Child

Since 1980, China has implemented a 1 Child Policy -where every family is only allowed 1 child.

What are the effects?

1. Having a 2nd child is seen as a status symbol . Forget about Louis Vuitton. Get a 2nd kid!

If u can afford the fine, it shows that u have made it!

Currently, if u have a 2nd child in China, authorites are threatening to raise fines to as high as 1 million yuan (S$200,000).

2. Men are having marriage difficulties.

  • With 120 females for every 100 male, there is a 20% sex ratio imbalance.

  • For men - If u look like Homer, not well-educated, and not in a well paying job - expect to be a bachelor for the rest of your life.

3. Little Emperors

Children are overly doted on. Many families spend half of the entire family's income on the only child.

Who would have thought, that having children would have such important implications for society!

On a lighter note:

Check out this Cantonese-speaking Indian Comic who is a hit in Hong Kong. He is a real hit with his bilingual stand-up comic. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

what if...the first pregnancy is not one child? But a twins? worst still, a triplets? A very thought provoking question i had in mind.

ED said...

The government makes certain provisions - If u are a farmer, u can have more than 1 child. If both parents are the only child, they can have more than 1. In the end, there are just so many loop-holes. Basically it's the middle income that suffers! As poor farmers still can have more than 1 child!

Dette said...

I've heard about this... I still KIT with my fave grade school teacher, who is Chinese, and their daughter just adopted a little girl from China. They hope to adopt another soon.

It makes me sad to hear of so many baby girls being abandoned because of this "one child" law and families looking for a boy to carry on the name. A tough, tough place (pun intended) to be in...

ED said...

yes...that's sad isn't it.

However, I do know of people who get around it as well. They move to the countryside when the baby is due. That way they avoid detection by the authorities.

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