Saturday, March 29, 2008

HDB Flats, Divorce & Proximity


Frankly, I don't even know his name! Not his first or last name!


As Singaporeans, most of us grow up in HDB flats. We see our neighbors every day, if not every other day.

Sometimes, we watch their children grow up, sometimes we even take the same bus to school or work together...Unfortunately, that may be all we know about them.

I just stumbled upon a revelation:




We may share a bed with our spouses. We may go to the same office with our colleagues. We may go to church every week. All these everyday activities do not guarantee intimate relationships with anyone!

Last year, I went for my Reservist in-camp training, and I realized that most of my peers suffered from broken marriages and were in the midst of having a divorce.

I realised relationships left on their own, do not work themselves out.

Relationships require purposeful commitments from both parties!

Today, when I reached home, I purposefully spent 1 hour of my time, playing hide and seek & 'goofing' around with the kids.

If I want a good relationship with God, my wife and kids, I need to make time for them.

BTW, before I go, here are some videos.

My wife likes the 1st one and I prefer the 2nd one.


A Man Among Mommies said...

"I Loved You In Smokey and the Bandit" ROFL...

I like them both.

Doing a little blog hopping while bouncing baby...

little miracles said...

Can't agree more. Enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for sharing your insights and snippets from your life. :)

BookMomma said...

Ain't it the truth?? I see my neighbors every day, sometimes twice, and I couldn't tell you their names. Maybe now the weather is getting nice, a community bbq is in order!

Doing a little Weekend Bloghopping- cheers!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

I suppose I'm fortunate in that I know most of my neighbors. I guess that's from being a good ol boy from Louisiana. They didn't have a chance.

clementino said...

Hey bro-ed!
Haven been here for sometime. Without a doubt your posts are as interesting as ever! Now topped-up with amazingly hilarious videos!
I very much like the Golf one!
Haha I was once a golfer besides.
Hope to see you soon!

ED said...

ED-a man among mummies

Tks for dropping by...Always happy to hear from my American friends

ED said...

Ed-little miracles

Good to see u back here...We must meet up soon!

ED said...

Ed-bookmomma share how it went! Always interesting to learn from a different culture

ED said...


haha...over here..we basically ignore each other

ED said...


Good to see u back here again!

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