Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Youtube Video Awards 2007

Was just surfing the net on the weekend and I came across the Youtube Video Awards 2007.

Everyday there are hundreds of videos being uploaded up to ‘YOUTUBE’, so the site is a great way to catch the best of 2007. So, If u guys got time to kill, this site is definitely worth exploring.

I especially liked the short film section, where I voted for this film entitled “My First Crush”.

The feelings and the emotions portrayed here are just so real…it really brings one down memory lane, to when we all had our 1st crush!

Things were just so unpredictable…so fragile. How things have changed…where today, I have got a wife who is so dependable & the love of my life J

Anyway, I hope u guys enjoy the video too!

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little miracles said...

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