Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prison Break

Recently, I have have been hooked on the series "Prison Break"

It is really very exciting and the plot is as good as "Shawshank Redemption"

My wife's boss passed us the whole of season 1 on DVD and we were hooked!

We were up till 2am in the morning, and my wife was still asking me to put in the next disk. She did the same thing to me at 3am (Btw, my eyes were already closing at this point!)

I reckon that it is better than Korean Drama and any Cantonese Soap Opera that u have watched!

In the series, the hero of the show Michael Scofield decides to break his brother out of jail. Lincoln Burrows (Hero's Brother) is on death row for a murder he did not commit. To break him out of jail, Michael (the hero) has to get himself thrown into jail. In order to plan for his escape, he tattoos the blueprints of the prison on his body. Only thing is that it is so elaborately done (like the tattoos found in ED Hardy and Miami Ink), that u will have to be a mad man to decipher it.

The series is a real cliff hanger and u will enjoy every minute of it.

If u are interested to watch this series, u will be glad to know that piracy is still rampant in China.

This means that u can watch the series for free, especially if u have a broadband connection. :)

U can also click on the trailer below, to get a glimpse of the show:


Anonymous said...

I also watched Prison Break great sit come.. and great webblog Mr.ED

ED said...

Tks for your feedback...really apprecite it!

Anonymous said...

i love prison break too! i watched a few episodes in a day on vcd. haha. now am waiting for someone to pass me season 2. hee. btw, wentworth miller name came from a literature book. interesting.

ED said...

Watch it online! I watched it up to season 3 via the link on the post!

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