Friday, March 21, 2008

Blogging with Style

Today, I just discovered a new way of Publishing my works on my Blog.

Ok, call me sua-ku (Country Bumpkin), but all this time I have been using blogger to publish my works.

Only thing about blogger, is that it limits the fonts that u can use.


I can Type, Like this, & write using different fonts!

I can Bring in A Creative Element, and explore my Writing

using different FONTS!


You can google the program 'Windows Live Writer' & try out this new interface.

It is based on a WYSIWUG (What u see, is what u get) editor, so it makes things really easy and it has all the nice toolbars that u find on Microsoft Word.

Wait...there is more!

When u insert a picture in the blogger editor, the picture ends up on the top of the post, even though u inserted it in the middle.

Using this editor, u don't experience these problems!

In fact, the editor functions exactly like Microsoft Word & your pictures appear where they should be


I am sorry, but this is something really 'Refreshing' compared, to the primitive default editor found on Blogger.

Before I go, It's Easter this week!

If u are in Singapore, come an join us this weekend & find out what Easter is all about! City Harvest Church will be having services in Singapore Expo and at Jurong West St 91.

Before I go, I also want to Thank Jia Hao and Shing for helping me with my New Blogskin & for being my Blogging Consultants.

Thanks for making it all possible!


Anonymous said...

As I said it was released before Windows Live Writer. WLW allows you to type out blogposts as drafts, even when you're not connected to the net. It also allows you to configure multiple blog accounts (like i do!). Zohowriter is part of I have been using it for 3 years now, it imports documents like Word and Notepad, exports them as PDF. Like WLW it also manages multiple blogs. But Zoho also offers other services, I like the Wiki features the best!

You can learn more from this lifehack post .

Lifehack is a nice productivity website too!

San said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm as sua ku (if not more so) than you... Haha - can use the Writer for my own blog as well. :)

ED said...

No problem San!

elle - for zohowriter - it needs to be online to work?

If u compare both zohowriter and windows live writer on a scale of 1 to 10, how would the both of them rate?

Anonymous said...

for blogging and ease of use - Windows Live Writer

for added features and interface- Zohowriter

but I still use Zohowriter a lot for blogging though, since it has become a habit!It allows me to multi-task between blogging and typing out my resume!

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