Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sun Ho at Beijing Olympics

Check out the latest news on Sun:

As China has been selected to host the Olympics in 2008, China has been busy preparing for the games.

Last Friday, Sun was invited to the Royal Theater inside Beijing’s Forbidden City to sing the Olympic Anthem. She performed before the senior officials of the Chinese Olympic Committee, and many ambassadors and diplomats.

This was the first time the Olympic Anthem, also known as the “Olympic Hymn,” was sung in the Chinese language.

It is a great privilege for Sun, and for a Singaporean to be the 1st person to sing the hymn in China and for China.

It was widely covered by the international news media. Reuters classified as a “Most Watched Video.” Check out the video below.

Get a different perspective by clicking here. This link is in Chinese.


Anonymous said...

Inspiring story brother. The year for China Olympic Games is 2008. 2010 will be Youth Olympics Games in Singapore. Hooray City Harvest! Hooray Singapore !

ED said...

opps...Thanks for your feedback...changed the year already!

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