Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Food Review – Gunther’s (French Cuisine)

For our Wedding Anniversary this year, we decided to try out a French Restaurant at 36 Purvis Street.

Called Gunther’s, this restaurant has won numerous awards and was awarded Singapore's Best Restaurant for 2008/2009 by Singapore Tatler.

We were excited about trying out the posh restaurant, as we have heard so much about this place and you can find many good reviews online about Gunther’s.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by a friendly maitre d’ (Fancy name for captain), who welcomed us, and she said “We were expecting you!”

Oh my! So cool! – they usually just shake their head in acknowledgement, or shout table 8 or something in your face, when you tell them your name. :)


The place is really high class, and I was afraid to whip out my camera to take pictures.

I discreetly took out my Blackberry and took some pictures (My apologies for the not so great photos)

Btw, The place has only 7 tables, so you definitely need to make reservations if you want to eat there.

We went there for lunch and we tried the set menu that was price at $38 +++

This sounded quite affordable!


The service was great, with the waiters hiding in the corner of the room.

I felt like they were secret service agents, trying to observe everything in the room. In fact, they readily “pounced ” on us, when we looked to them for help.

I ordered the Angel Hair Pasta which was Great, and my wife had the Pork Ribs.



Both are supposed to be “Hot Favourites”, and I liked my wife’s pork ribs more!

The taste was really exquisite, and you could really savour why you were paying more for this meal!

Overall, the ambience is great, and if you want quality conversation with your partner, this is definitely the place to go!

However, I don’t think I will propose to my partner here – as the place really makes you uptight and stiff, unless of course, you are born of some royal descent and related to King Louis. :)

A bit of advice – It’s true, that the set menu costs only $38+++, but the beverages here will kill you.

When we 1st sat down, we were offered wine, and as we don’t really drink, we ordered coke instead.

I had 2 and it was $8.50 per glass (That is really expensive Coke! I felt like I was in a club!)

They also offered us bottled water, and I thought it was the norm to order water. That costs us an additional $10 for a bottle of “still” water.

I felt really “sore” about it, when the next table just had tap water. What’s more, they obviously had more purchasing power than us!

So, the bill went up to slightly more than $100 dollars for the 2 of us.

Oh well!…lesson learnt…U can afford to be more of a “cheapskate” in Singapore, especially with the Economic Recession as a ready excuse. :)

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San said...

Expensive beverages!!! -.-

But what a nice recommendation - I'll try to squeeze this in with Nic soon too! I lurve French food! :)

Evelyn said...

congrats on wedding anni!:) went to gunther's before for lunch and dinner before too.. nice experience - even better when it was on company's account! hee...

ED said...

Wa...u good life lei!

alexis said...

wah.really ex!you are paying for everything on the plate even sauce and those garnish.i once had ice lemon tea price at $15 a glass.peng san

Alexis said...

Wah. Really ex! U are paying for everything on the plate even sauce and those garnish.

I once had ice lemon tea at $15 a glass. peng san!

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