Friday, May 29, 2009

I met Dr. David Cho Yonggi

One of the highlights in Korea was actually meeting the Senior Pastor of the World Largest Church in the world.

It was a real privilege as not many people get to meet him as he is about 74 years old and technically, he is already retired, as he has handed over the reins of the church to another pastor.

We met him over lunch together, with some of the theology professors speaking at the symposium.

The church has its own newspapers, so we met in their office building (which is a really chic building in their CBD), and we were brought to a special room for lunch.

This is a photo of the table where we had our lunch.

Because we were just theology undergraduates, we were naturally pushed to the “wings”, and if you are looking for me…I am at the far end of the photo nearer to the windows.P1020701

If you still can’t see me…Don’t bother :)

Dr. Cho is the 5th person on the left!

It was amazing just listening to their conversations, and hearing about the faith of Dr. Cho.

He may be 74, but he expects himself to live for at least another 20 years – and he believes that he will do much more in the next decade.

Reflecting on this, I realized that many middle aged people, are already losing “steam” and slowing down. Most seniors I know, have already “switched off” and are enjoying their retirement.

But this man just can’t sit down!

He is still dreaming, and encouraging his disciples to come alongside and run the dream together with him!

doc cho

Here’s a picture of the whole team together with Dr. Cho, his wife, and his No. 2 man.

I got to shake his hand as well! :)

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Klessis said...

Oh gosh, what an honor!!!!

ER said...

wow bro Ed, you visited the DMZ? your Korean adventure is really cool! keep on posting!

ED said...


Glad that u are enjoying my adventures! :)

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