Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Largest Church in the World

This is what the largest Church in the world looks like!

Yoida Church

With 850,000 members, this church is the Largest Mega Church in the world.

What's the secret to its growth?

Answer:- PRAYER

The Church Pastors gather every morning at 5am to prayer for an hour.

Currently, the church has just embarked on a 2 week morning prayer program.

This is the scene outside the church at 420am.

People were rushing into the building - not just because it was cold, but because they were rushing for seats.

Inside the auditorium, they have 3 guys on stage who will speak in tongues for 15mins continuously.

The congregation will do likewise! Check out the atmosphere in the church from the video below:

This is definitely a church on FIRE!!!

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Anonymous said...

wow, strong vibes..anointing in the air!

kailin said...

WOW they really super ON! And they pray LOUD + STRONG! Inspired*

davidang said...

wow. i'm really inspired by them! i am praying more each day! That's the price for revival! :)

Jerb said...

Always wanted to see the members of Yoido FG church in action... How inspiring!!!

Aaron Low Jia Hui said...

WOW! beyond wat i imagine.

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