Thursday, January 29, 2009

21st Birthday Celebration

On the 2nd day of the New Year, the ET zone leaders attended Lucas Chia’s 21st Birthday at Timbres.


Located at Mount Sophia, within the old compound, Timbres is a pub for local musicians.

Lucas managed to book out the whole restaurant and held a private function there.

The place was spacious with a nice “chill out” atmosphere. It was a really cool place to have your 21st birthday.

Gone are the days when your friends just bought you a cake, and you celebrated by just buying your buddies a few drinks. My leaders have definitely gone up one level! :)

It was also a chance for me to catch up with some of the older members. I could hardly recognize some of them, as they have changed so much!

Here is a picture of me and Lucas


For the uninitiated – he is kind of like the heart throb of City Harvest (for those under 21). He happens to be an MC on the now defunct Kid’s Central (that’s why your children might recognize him) and he is also going through NS at the moment (Kind of explains why he has no hair under that hat).

But he is a really nice guy, and I am glad to see him grow up into manhood. I remember him when he was in Sec. 3….rebellious and dangerous….but now he is confident and a real gentlemen! I hope that more of my youth can turn out like him! :)

The whole party was quite an experience and all of us enjoyed ourselves.

group shot

Lucas also gave a really moving speech to his mum at the end of the party, which brought tears to my eyes.

So, before I go…

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

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