Sunday, January 18, 2009

Children in High-chair

Check this out: This is the 1st photo of all the 3 kids on high chairs!


It was Gong Gong's birthday and the whole family went out to celebrate.

After putting all the 3 kids on high chairs, I quickly told my wife - Must take picture, this is the 1st time, all 3 of them are together like this! (note the grouchy faces... they were rudely awaken from car slumber when we arrived at the restaurant!)

As u can see, Nadine is really growing fast, and now she is always crawling around the house, and trying to stand up. I think, very soon, we will be even more busy when the whole family goes out!

It will be one more more person to run fact, whenever we go out, it feels like I am going for a SAF field camp, as there are just so many things to carry....


San said...

Hahaha! So cute! Poor Nic looks quite disgruntled though... ;)

Jin Lian said... cute!

Gwen said...

Bro Ed! Your kids are reaaaaallllllyyyyy cuteeeee! Heh :)

torance, said...

HAHA! they are really growing up real fast!

Olivia Lau said...

Hi Bro Edmund,

Really enjoyed very very much reading your blog!!!

Your kids are so adorable..
Laughed at the part where you said its like going for SAF Field Camp. It definitely sounds funny and... STRESSFUL!

Look forward to your future entries!


ED said...

ED - Olivia

Tks for your comments :)

Hann Hann said...

quite amazing really, bringing 3 kids out...

applause for you and wife.

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