Monday, January 12, 2009

Prayer Mountain and more...

Coming back from Korea was great, as I really missed my wife and kids. It was also good to see so many of the members at Expo.

Many of u asked for more updates about Korea, so here goes...

If u have been wondering what the prayer cubicles look like, I have got pictures:

prayer grottos edited


These cubicles are the ones found at Hansei University, and the ones found in Prayer Mountain are very similar. The room is about the same size as a HDB 3 room toilet - so they are not exactly very comfortable. The temperature here was about -3 degrees, and the doors and walls were cold. Can u imagine praying in these cubicles, in the middle of winter?

There was a person actually inside the next cubicle! These people are really ON!!!

The girls have also been asking me, how is the shopping over there.

Well, on our last night, we had some free time.  The shopping there is much better than Taiwan, and at half the price!!!

What's more the fashion is straight from Japan, so I am sure many of u will like it! To add to that - these factory outlets close at 5am!!!


As you can see, it is like a mini Far East Plaza - but very affordable.

Before I go, here's a video of the sanctuary at prayer mountain. Services are conducted here 4 times/day, and the video shows many colourful blankets on the floor. There are actually people praying underneath, as the sanctuary is really cold.


weiwen said...

Wow KOREA is really a nice place!

jeehae said...

hi, i am jeehae, hope u had a great time in korea hehe
wow i can see how much cold over there, the pointing action looks very cute though ^^

ED said...

ED- Jeehae

Yes...Had a great time and it was great catching up with u as well.

torance, said...

The weather in korea is so bad yet they are so on fire to pray. We must really pray alot more, alot alot more! revival! new svc in expo! LAND! hahah...

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