Sunday, January 4, 2009

Telematch at Pasir Ris

On New Year's Day, we started our outdoor team games in Pasir Ris Park.

Having organised lots of activities for our members, it was time for us to have some fun as well.

David and his committee were tasked to plan the games for us.

Here's David giving us a briefing: (you can see a few of us protesting over some of his rules!)

telematch briefing

Actually, we love playing games against each other. Not only because we are Super Competitive, but also because we are always looking for loopholes in every game that we play. Therefore, we spend lots of time laughing at ourselves at the same time!


Protests normally fall on deaf ears!!!

Check out the guys as they do the different tasks at each station of the Telematch.

telematch 1

telematch 2

The best part of the games was of course - Water Bombs!!!

It was us reliving our youth, and releasing all our energy into each bomb!!!




We were all thoroughly soaked at the end of the day...but we all enjoyed ourselves!!!

My muscles ached the next day...have not been running for a long time :)


water bombs

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Xia said...

Now that I saw your entry, I missed playing water bombs! It's something that gets everybody excited, and going wild! Haha!

Amber said...

when i saw your sms about my picture...i knew which picture it was, i were praying so hard that you will not post it..but well you did! super unglam side! i think i really look out of words to yup happy new year. I enjoyed myself totally!

davidang said...

HAHA looks like more than the protesting, i was the mobile target of everyone at the waterbomb! Enjoyed myself a lot!! :)

Jerb said...

Amber: U look so.... so... pitiful! HAHA!

Yea... we love to protest and bend the rules! Yea!

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